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Whats your family's comfort food?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) January 9th, 2012

Almost everyone has a comfort food. Whether it was something they discovered on their own or something that their family has been making your whole life or for generations.

My imedidate family’s comfort food is my mothers Shepherds Pie. The comfort food that has been my extended family’s for generations, is our Chicken Cacciatore that came over from Italy with our ancestors.

I want to know what is your family’s comfort food.

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Tomato soup with cheese dumplings.

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Cheese & onion enchiladas. My grandma says her mom learned from in-laws and since then, everyone makes them different but it’s pretty hard to mess up.

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Nacho Cheese Doritos with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

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My grandmothers Cream Cheese squares. That, or pie… We are a bunch of fat children on the inside.

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My grandma is an old-fashioned woman from the south. She makes fried chicken and spaghetti.

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Soft cheese filled pretzels!!!!!!!!

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My daughter’s fiancee told me he thought she was the reason for the potato famine. She just looked at me. I shook my head and said, “It’s not her fault, it’s genetic.”

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@6rant6 Thats funny. I take it potatoes are your family’s comfort food?

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Baked macaroni and cheese, or split pea soup.

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Lasagna and garlic bread, chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes or my husband’s badass hamburgers. We’re big on meat and carbs in this family. =0)

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Chicken Karahi, Biryani and Gulaab Jaman.

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Geez, I need to come to all y’alls houses when you are in need of comfort food! :)

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Egg Gravy. It’s basically biscuits and gravy, with hard boiled eggs chopped into the gravy.

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Shepard’s Pie

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cheese, crackers, and salami. I don’t know why, but now that we’re all spread over the country, every time we all go back “home”, you can bet that at some point, someone will put out a tray containing cheese, crackers, and italian salami. <shrug>

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@filmfann: Is your white gravy? We call that Eggs ala King and it’s a favorite holiday breakfast, egg yolk grated over the top.

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@Neizvestnaya White gravy, indeed! As unhealthy as can be, but it tastes like home.

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Homemade semolina pasta in a fresh tomato sauce. My MIL makes scratch-made pasta by hand and my wife makes homemade sauce with garden tomatoes. Mmmmmm

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I meant to say chili, but spaghetti came out instead so I’ll go with my gut.

There is something wonderfully soothing about creamed peas, too.

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Sopon or asopao which is a Puerto Rican type of gumbo. Can be made with fish (which I prefer shrimp) or beef or chicken. You can make it with potatoes, carrots, onions and beans and a ton of other condiments or with fidel noodles instead of the beans and the rest listed above. Have it with the warm garlic bread on a cold day and you are in heaven.

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Sausage, [baked] beans and mash :-) Mmmmmmm…....

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Homemade chicken soup. We make the stock from scratch too, by boiling the chicken bones and extras for hours and hours. It’s affordable and healthy and it’s so nice to have really good chicken soup during the cold weather.

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For the family it’s my shepherd’s pie made to my mum’s recipe.

For me personally, it’s my homemade moroccan-style lentil soup (red lentils, finely chopped onions, ground cumin, fresh coriander/cilantro, garlic). It takes 15 minutes to cook it from scratch. Nobody else in the family likes it so it’s all mine.

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