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What are some safe FREE tv show websites?

Asked by College_girl (915points) January 9th, 2012

So as you probably have figured out, I’m a college student. This means very little access to the tv. I’ve tried and it used to work really well, but now it’s just a pain to get all these ads popping up (even with a pop up blocker) and having it load all the way just to find out there was a max time (usually like a couple hours or so) you could watch.

Any recommendations on sites that I really don’t have to sign up for, are safe, and I can watch Criminal Minds on? Or am I asking for the impossible?

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Not sure about criminal minds but there are a few. Hulu is the one I use most, but there are others, can’t remember the names. Someone else will know more I’m sure. GQ.

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It says it can only stream to the states. I’m in Canada

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The concern isn’t so much that the sites are safe, but that you have ad blocker software installed on your machine.

Even the high quality sites have pop up ads. You should probably get spybot for your computer, then an Ad Block program for your web browser, prior to taking any advice about which websites to visit for watching tv.

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I have norton and it has blocked viruses

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Some stations allow you to watch full episodes of the current shows right on their site. For example, I know the CW does this with their shows. I believe CBS does this as well for recent episodes.

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Just tried that @seaofclouds still won’t let me stream to Canada :(

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If you are in Canada I run a proxy server based in the united states and should (it might not) allow streaming to hulu and other sites that block non-US countries.

I don’t really want to make the info public but I will pm you directions to use it.

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PM sent. Ask if you need help. I will be around for a bit.

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Oh shit.. I have to approve your IP to use the proxy. I will undo that. Might take a few minutes to restart the server.

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What he said ^ and also

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You can stream Criminal Minds in Canada on CTV’s website:

They only have Season 7 up, though. Oh, and the last 2 episodes of Season 6.

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You could try crackle

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