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Where can I go to seek employment help?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) January 9th, 2012

I’ve been receiving unemployment insurance for a year and a half now whilst doing full time school. I am struggling to land a job. At this point in my life, anything will do. Retail, private food businesses, I’ll do it all. I’m from San Diego, California.

Do you know if there are employment help centers and if so what is the process like?

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Have you tried the unemployment office? and those type of job searches? The want ads in the newspaper? If you are receiving unemployment benefits, that is the place that should be able to help you find employment.

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Your school should have a career counseling center with anything from part time jobs to recruiters coming in to interview people. They should be able to help you with your resume and coach you on interview skills. Plus they’ll be able to help you find job listings.

Take advantage of it while you are in school. It’s easier to land a job while you are a student than it is afterwards.

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The unemployment office is a good start. They have deals with companies to have thier folks hired first. Usually tenure with government money moves you to the front of the lineup.

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Most states have some type of career/unemployment office that offers all types of services for free such as creating a resume and cover letter, filling out applications, help with finding employers websites, help with preparing for civil/non civil service state jobs, free access to printers/copiers/fax machines and alot more. My local CareerLink has helped me out on several occasions.

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Each state has an unemployment office (different names like Workforce Center, etc.) where you can file for unemployment and look for work. they will help you craft your resume and job search.

Your school probably has an employment office as well.

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You are a full time student and eligible for unemployment?!?!?! I’d imagine not, otherwise all students would be living off unemployment!

THere are many venues to seek assistance from:
Unemployment office
Your school’s career center <——to me this is the big one for you
Careerbuilder and many many many other job listing sites

But most importantly, yourself. It’s a tough time out there, you have to be persistent and caring about this process.

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@mrrich724 Yes well I was working at a Quiznos doing about 30–35 hour weeks while at the same time doing full time school before I got laid off when our franchise closed. So it’s not like I just applied for unemployment out of the blue. They also go ahead and interview me to make sure I have enough time in the day to be eligible for full time work. I’m available for full time work, but no full time work wants me :( I’m shooting for FedEx atm Thanks for your comments all.

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FedEx is a good idea, as well as UPS. My bud in college worked at UPS and worked EARLY in the AM to get trucks loaded. They pay better than most if not all student jobs.

Also, see what warehouses are hiring around campus. No one realizes warehouses employ many, and come with decent pay and GREAT fringe benefits. kept my roomie employed for a few years and our living room STUFFED with protein and various bottles of supplements worth 30 – 70 bucks a pop. He worked in the southern region warehouse that items ship from.

I’da never thought about applying at BB.C warehouse. You just gotta get creative to think of that, LOL

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@mrrich724 Hmm what sort of things go on in the warehouse industry? Major packaging perhaps?

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well depends what your job is. Sometimes your job is to inspect the packages for small tears and holes. If there are holes found the package gets given to the employees or sent back to the factory.

Another job is to review orders that are going out for accuracy.

Another is to inspect incoming shipments for accuracy.

Yet another is to do inventory, and of course you have management who does scheduling, dispute resolution, etc.

You don’t have to be strong and move boxes all day to work there.

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