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Photo Caption Game. What were they looking at?

Asked by rebbel (24814points) January 10th, 2012

We all know what they were really looking at, but what else could have been so interesting, appalling, funny, shocking, weird, or mesmerizing they were watching together in that room?

The results coming in from the caucus in Iowa?

Got any?

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The ghost of Adolph Hitler speaking to them.

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I’m so sorry. A nude photo of me was mistakenly sent to the White House.

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They can’t believe that LSU stunk up the joint that bad last night.

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Dwight Eisenhower saying, “Beware the military industrial complex!”

janbb's avatar

Britney Spears’ crotch flash.

YoKoolAid's avatar

The Hillary sex tape

SavoirFaire's avatar

Carlos Mencia just told his funniest joke.

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The guy giving a speech to them was subtly but awkwardly trying to make his erection less visible.

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V.P. Biden’s vacation photos.


A YouTube clip that Hilary thought was hilarious when she was by herself. The look on her face just screams, “I promise, guys, it gets funny!”

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the Obama girls doing a puppet show, a la Sound of Music

FutureMemory's avatar

They’re watching the HAARP videos mentioned in Judochop’s “Strange humming sounds” question.

MilkyWay's avatar

My arse. Or rather, the space where it should have been…

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Three girls two cups. The sequel.

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The action going on inside Larry Craig’s bathroom stall (you remember, where he had to explain his “wide stance”).


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“Jesus Christ! These fuckers on Fluther have way too much free-time.”

“And what the hell is a “frizzer”?

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“Hey, look! We found the video of Bill and Monica!”

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@cprevite or “That’s not an orange tree!!!” WTF??? “And what, pray tell are those Jellies doing with those Funyon and Boobies???” and “OMG! That one over there, the one with the whip seems to be their leader!” and “I think we may have stumbled upon some ancient tribe!”

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Ghandi eating a hot dog, hitting on Mother Teresa

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@King_Pariah: If he’s hitting on Mother Theresa…That’s NO HOT DOG

@Kardamom: Ha! :^)

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Where’s Waldo?

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A Kim Kardashian sex tape.

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America’s Most Wanted

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An undercover photo of a naked Newt Gingrich sitting on the pot, looking at a Russian porn magazine featuring nude photos of Putin.

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Can’t be, @Kardamom, I didn’t see anyone vomiting.

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My ass.

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Heh. They’re looking at a split screen with The Kardashians in one and Jersey Shore on the other.

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I don’t know about the rest, but the girl in the back is looking to see if guy ahead of her realizes he’s being pick-pocketed. That or she’s getting a good ass feel.

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Congress… GASP…getting along!

Or alternately, this.

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Maybe they were watching Toddler and Tiaras.

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Is that the shortest answer ever by @dalepetrie?

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Must be election time if @dalepetrie is back!

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I never left, just been REALLY busy since I got one of those damn “job” things. I still check in almost every day, I just don’t have time to write as much as I used to, but I must admit I am looking forward to some good political discussions.

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