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Electric shaver.... whats the best bang for buck?

Asked by mowens (8392points) January 10th, 2012

I love to shave, but I never really have time to in the morning. I’d love to have something in the car to shave my face with as I was at a read light or something. What is a good one to do?

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I’ve been using Norelco for years. I was in the military recently, and the Norelco brand always gave me a up to military standards shave. Plus they hold good charges. I used one for so long the battery would hold a charge, But as long as it was plugged into the wall, I was still getting day one type shaves. Plus the blades last a LONG while. Electric razor blades can cost up to $35, so this was a huge plus.

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Which Norelco? Any?

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Any “washable” type. Most of them of them (the 3 headed type) are around $25 to $50 bucks and wireless. Some have a trimmer on the back. Some even have the lotion option.

That’s a newer model of the one I had, the best thing about Norelcos are that the blade replacements fit any model. If you feel like you could splurge more money, then I suggest not going over $75. The really high price one’s are mostly a total package option (Head and face).

This one looks more like my old one.

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Take it from someone who occasionally shaves with an electric razor: You don’t really want a “bang”. Really. Not. Want.

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+1 for the Philips/Norelco rotary electric. I have a 7110x, a low end minimalist type,but they probably don’t make that model any more, it’s been cosmetically upgraded or something.

I had a couple others (Remington and Braun) of the straight type and neither of those properly shaved every part of my face, some bit always was poorly done.
But the rotary Norelco does every part pretty well. Not as close as a blade shave but nearly.

One charge lasts me over a week and I’ve changed the blades about once a year (three years).

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I’ve had three or four Norelcos over the past 20 years. There’s a comparison chart on the different models out there. Don’t get the cheapest one, get the cheapest one that has the advanced triple head technology – forgot what it is called, Look at the 6955XL for example.

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Thanks everyone, bought a Nerelco.

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