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Are there gnats everywhere in the woods or are the same gnats following me?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9224points) May 19th, 2008 from iPhone

My friend and I went for a walk in the woods today. As soon as we got there, the gnats were going crazy around us. They bothered the whole time we were there. Its not a big deal. My question is, are the same gnats following us the whole time, or are we just walking through clouds of gnats?

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They’ll hang around you, but the whole forest is filled with them. Light a cigarette and they’ll all disappear.

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They’re actually attracted to your body heat and CO2 you’re breathing out. So they’re following you like a group of tiny, tiny stalkers.

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Following you through the woods? Sounds like a creeper to me.


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It’s the same group of gnats, but don’t worry, Homeland Security is all over it.

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NoahD is correct. Also, if you eat at McDonalds you’ll emit gnat hormones. This is especially true if you eat, my favorite, the Filet O Fish sandwich. The Filet O Fish will double the number of gnats.

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Filet O Fish eh? Sounds like an experiment in the making…..

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they’re everywhere AND they’re following you!!!

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Were you walking through the pine barrens? They could have been sprites sent to watch you by the Jersey Devil

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gnats will generally gather in what I like to refer to as gnats colonies. There are several ways to combat these colonies. My personal favorite and most effective method is to stand in the middle of a colony and open my mouth as wide as I can and inhale. After several inhales the gnats will think it is a black hole and quickly disperse and tell the other colonies, which will in turn leave the woods all together.

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