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Do any of you still have your Crayola crayon set from when you were a child?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34870points) January 11th, 2012

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I do. It’s the 54 crayon set and is well over 40 years old. Why did I keep it? At first I packed it away when I went to college. Then it went in another box when I got married, followed by another box when we bought the house. I figured I’d let my kids use it up, but they were too little. A couple of years later they got their own sets. Now I figure grandchildren will have them.

So ‘fess up and please tell me I am not the only hoarder saver on this site.
How old is your set and what’s your excuse for still having it?

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Good heavens, no. They were eaten, broken, used up.

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No. My mother cleans when she’s upset about something. When I left for college she cleaned my room out and threw them away. Along with a couple thousand baseball cards form the 50’s, 60’, and 70’s. Which do you think I miss the most?

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No sorry I ate most of them. 54 flavors!

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No. I thoroughly used up all of my 64-color sets (with the built-in sharpener on the box). If I remember correctly, they could have cut back on 10 redundant colors and added a few extra blacks. There was never enough black.

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I had them for the longest time. They might still be in my mother’s basement if she hasn’t thrown them away. I know I never did. It just seemed like a waste.

Also, I never managed to go through one of those boxes. I’m impressed by anyone who managed to use them all up.

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I don’t have mine. I have a lot of stuff from when I was little – rag dolls (which are not too common any more), stuffed animals, books, but no crayons. They get broken, paper taken off, thrown out. There’s not enough room for the present stuff and all of the past stuff!

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Oh yes! I was the drawer from hell as a child. I always had crayons and pens/pencils and paper with me. Part of the only child syndrome being born into a family of ancient dinosaurs and having to entertain myself a lot. lol

Oh my…the SMELL and exciting visual over that new box of dozens of crayons! :-D

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I don’t have any left from my childhood, but after my kids grew up and out, I treated myself to a new box with silver and gold among all the other new colors. It’s great fun to see what you can do with them as an adult.

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I went through so many boxes of crayons when I was a kid. I still have one box that was a collector’s edition my dad purchased (not for usage) that I ended up using so it’s mine now. On the weekend, I colour with my Significant Other’s younger sister :) It’s good fun.

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No, but I have a newer one. I always want the newest colors. My niece swiped the bucket of crayons that had survived my childhood and used it for her art projects, she was into Encaustic last year.

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@Coloma I am glad to see I am not the only one.
The crayons in my first couple of boxes ended up melted, used as BB gun targets, or set on fire. But when I got the set of 54 I was more careful. Maybe maturity was rearing its ugly head in my childhood self.
I still like the look of new crayons in the box. They have so much potential.

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We still have a huge box of Crayolas, the kind that comes with 200 crayons. Although the little cardboard organizers are gone, a lot of the wrappers are off, most (if not all) of the crayons are broken, and we rarely use them, we still keep them!

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Most of my childhood stuff was passed on to my youngest brother, who was ready for crayola crayons when I was ready for more “grown-up” art materials. However I have occasionally bought a box of them as an adult, and made some interesting art with them. On the whole though, I much preferred felt-tipped pens.

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