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When you watch a video/movie, do you ever imitate the person's/actor's facial expressions or body movements?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23137points) January 11th, 2012

I find myself imitating facial expressions that I see in videos, and also body movements and such. I was just watching some birthing videos and realized I was “pushing” right along with the laboring women.

Do you do things like this, or am I more weird than I originally thought? :D

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Oh man. I thought that was only me…
Anyone who’s watching the movie with me often gets pissed off…

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I was talking about the Olympics to a friend the other day and mentioned that my legs always ache so much after, cuz I’ve been “helping” the skaters…

And yes, @WillWorkForChocolate , you are weirder than you originally thought!!!

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I don’t think I do this. I am now trying to think of films it would be fun to watch you watching.

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I did an imitation of Johnny Depp when I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…

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@Bellatrix Just imagine me watching a birth video, including all the twisted facial expressions, and my body locking down as I push and make the occasional, involuntary grunt or squeak… you should be laughing over that visual for a while. =0)

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We know @WillWorkForChocolate can Futterwack…

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Only if I’m imagining Johnny Depp naked and I’ve been drinking…

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Oh, I also lean to the left or right when I’m playing Angry Birds… you know, so I can help the birds aim just right to kill those nasty pigs. LOL

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No, or at least not consciously…
I hope I don’t. I don’t think I do.

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Particularly in a darkened movie theater. My body moves with dancers and my face grimaces with actors. I duck as if I was being shot at in gun fights and die if the heroine dies. I think it’s a family trait I passed down to my kids. At age 4, watching Winnie the Pooh at the movie house, my daughter ran down the aisle yelling, “No, Pooh, No!” as he was being swept over the falls in his umbrella.

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No, I don’t. My son and husband do this though. My son does it a lot.

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For me, it’s accents. I will walk out of a movie speaking with the same accent as the people in movies. It’s annoying, because I don’t realize it.

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My grandfather used to throw punches with the fighters when he watched boxing. I do a little of that. Nothing with movies though.

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No, but while I am watching, I do feel sad or happy depending on the main character.

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I wrenched my neck pretty bad when I watched the head-turning scene from The Exorcist. ;-p

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I do the accent thing, too. It’s even more annoying when I do it to a real live person!

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I like to watch my sister do this when she watches a movie, it’s usually more entertaining than the movie she watches though.

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@augustlan Ahh yes. The accents get me also. I’ve mentioned this before, I know, but my husband really hates it when I watch Braveheart or Rob Roy.

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yesuree, but not in mocking or even impressionistic way, I sort of subconsciously copy their gestures or actions

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