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Quick Survey #1: Do you use "spelled" or "spelt"?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12644points) January 11th, 2012

Both are considered acceptable forms of the past tense of “spell.” The usage of “spelt” for the past tense of “spell” is dying out, even in British English. It is used relatively rarely in American English, where spelt usually refers to a type of grain. So, which one do you tend to use? Or do you use them both equally?

Optionally, you can tell us your general geographic location, so that we have a good idea of what version of English is used in your area.

I live in the southern US and normally use spelt, although I sometimes also use spelled. I was inspired to ask this question when I realized that my Google Chrome spellchecker doesn’t recognize “spelt” as a real word (not even as the grain).

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Yes and yeah.

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Far East-England (The Netherlands).

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Spelled. I thought “spelt” was a grain. I live in Ohio.

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Spelled. And ditto on the meaning of spelt @ANef_is_Enuf

Edit: from Wisconsin. Here are Spelt Pretzels I like

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Spelled. For whatever reason, the word looks funny to me, like it’s spelled wrong… I’m from Virginia.

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I always use spelt.
Btw, I’m British, English.

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I use “spelled”. “Spelt” looks weird to me. Same with “dreamt”.

Google Chrome doesn’t mark ‘spelt’ as wrong for me. But it doesn’t like ‘zipper’ or ‘Mom/mom’.

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I say spelled. I learned my English in Canada, in the province of Manitoba to be precise. I also like using writ instead of written when I’m writing poems about vampires.

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Spelled. I’ve heard Larry the Cable Guy say “Spelt”. That’s all I need to know about it.

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I generally use “spelled”, and only use “spelt” for effect in my writing. I feel it reeks of sophistication, which I could greatly benefit from.

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I use both.
One I use when talking about putting letters together in the past.
One I use when ordering muffins.

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The former.

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I often use both but have a tendency to use spelt. Similar how I seem to prefer grey to gray but still use both

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I write “spelled” and say “spelt”, generally.

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Spelled, in writing and talking. Eastern US.

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But I do use “dreamt” @Seelix.

I’m from Boston, MA

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Spelt (I think.)

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“I spelt out a word to him,” or “I spelled out a word to him.”
I think spelt sounds better.

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Spelled. Spelt annoys me. I’m from Indiana, transplanted to Virginia in middle school.

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‘Spelled’. As a bonus, it can’t be confused with spelt.

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Spelled. I live in Alaska. I’ve also lived in Washington, Wyoming and Arizona throughout various different points in my life. Always say “spelled” though. That dreamed/dreamt thing though. I always use dreamed when writing or typing, but I use dreamt when actually speaking.

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