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Why does wearing a hood feel so good?

Asked by peedub (8698points) May 19th, 2008

I’m not talking aesthetics here, or even hood-wearing in extreme weather. I mean times like around the house.

Am I channelling my Druid ancestors? Do I secretly wanna be Rocky?

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I feel ya. I’m actually wearing my hoodie with the hood pulled up right now. And I’m not doing it because it is cold. It just feels good.

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I’m totally a cord-puller. Sometimes I’ll even pull and tie, and that’s just craziness.

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I think it makes some people feel secured and protected…like Kenny!

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I don’t like wearing hoods, hats, anything on my head. Sorry peedubya.

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That’s cool. You don’t need to be coverin’ that nice hair of yours.

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YOU don’t need to be too, Dude!!

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I think you just want to be Kenny

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Who doesn’t want to be Kenny?

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Well I do like to think I’m on a Highway to the Danger Zone , but that beard really wouldn’t work for me.

I so need to watch Top Gun today

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I reckon it could be to do with re-creating the feeling of the womb, or something…

Or you just feel mo’ gangsta.

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I wear mine lined with aluminum foil to keep the alien space rays from infiltrating my thoughts.

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what thoughts?

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If I told you…out in the open like this…I wouldn’t need the foil! THEY are EVERYWHERE….....LISTENING.


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Damn! I see I’ll have to be more creative to get it out of you…...

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Maybe I can fool the aliens by typing my thoughts in l337zpk

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Yes, do that…..(and don’t worry about whether or not they’ve recruited a translator passing themselves of as a little bunch of heather)

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It’s fun to hide!

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That’s just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!

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it feels good because it keeps my ears warm and I can hide

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WOW. Thanks so much for that link, breedmitch! I am going to use that for my next gig. I think that I will accompany myself on the ukulele for that one though.

That is the one of the best things the internet has to offer.

: )

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I don’t really like wearing my hood because I feel like I can’t hear anything, Im weird like that…...
I will usually only put it on if there are bee’s or flying bugs around, or if I’m walking somewhere with spider webs, my boyfriend got bit by a black widow that dropped down on him in the garage so now I’m super paranoid it will happen to me LOL

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You’re welcome, banjo. I wish I could take credit for it, but my friend Laura sends it to a bunch of us every six months or so just to brighten our days.

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well i think its because of that ur not really confidence of urself…
and well yeah probably thats it…

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