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How much would a real and nice corset cost in California?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) January 11th, 2012

How much do corsets usually cost? I know they have really cheap ones that don’t really do anything but LOOK like corsets, but I want to know how much a real one would cost? Not looking for the Victoria’s Secret kind either.

One that I’d be able to actually cinch my waist, an under bust, and steel-boned (not plastic)

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My friend had hers custom-made at Dark Garden, and it was a considerable expense, but she loves it.

Do you want me to ask how much it was?

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Online catalog I’ve seen mentioned in other threads:

@Jeruba Some of those photos are very beautiful :D

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Quite a bit; the wife has been looking and many of them are around $200 (with some over $500). Then again, those are the nice, hand-crafted leather ones too.

If you shop around, you might find a decent one for only $75 or so, but plan on spending more.

To actually show you, here are a few of them. Or, if you like buckles, though I like their hard leather corset better. (I also like the band that that model is in, but that is a separate thing…) Those should give you an idea of what a really well-made corset runs.

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A real and proper corset is anywhere from $375— $500. They are in specialty shops and are usually made in Italy or France. If you buy one, do get fitted in the shop. Very important. Don’t buy through the mail the fit is all important.

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@trailsillustrated – Thank you, that’s how much I was guessing they would be around. The good one at least that do cinch.

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Stormy Leather and Dark Garden do fantastic custom and semi custom work in the neighborhood of $200+ Not all corsets have to made in leather by them.

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