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What bag works as a travel carry-on and purse?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) January 12th, 2012

Someone told me about Longchamp’s Le Pliage, which seems like it could be dual purpose in this sense. My main beef with their design is the long handles (I prefer 8” strap drop), lack of interior pockets (it’s just one big compartment with one tiny pocket), and material that people say tears too easily, plus it seems a little pricey for a fabric bag. I really like that it can be folded up though.

Are there any good alternatives?

It needs to be big enough to hold a laptop, jacket, snacks, book, etc., so bigger than a lot of handbags. It also needs to be stylish enough to carry around cities, yet not stand out in developing countries.

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I have a suggestion. I travel quite a bit, and I find the best answer for me is to have a carry-on second bag (first is my carry-on suitcase) that I can fit my purse into. Otherwise I am carrying a big heavy bag as a purse wherever I wind up. If it is a trip for pleasure not business, I want something lightweight for touring. Unless you are fine with just have a fanny pack of some sort, or sticking a license and credit cards in a pant pocket that you can bring along in the purse/laptop bag you carry on?

After having said all that, Zappos and Franklin Covey usually have some good choices for what you describe.

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I agree with @JLeslie I have a small Baggalini with many pockets for my purse and a Travelsmith backpack for my carry-on.

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Oh! I just bought one – and I love it:
My new laptop bag also will slide over my suitcase handle (my carry-on suitcase).
This is a lot bigger than most handbags, fits my Toshiba 13” laptop, iPhone, Kindle, all my compture gadgets and cords (my 1TB external hard drive, 2 power cords, mouse, WiFi device, cords for the WiFi device) lots of snacks, makeup bag, wallet, 2 magazines, gum and then a separate zipper bag of quilting supplies.
It’s stylish enough to look like a nice leather handbag and I especially like the nice blue lining..but it’s definitely big enough to replace my usual laptop bag (and then some).

I chose this bag when I read an Amazon reviewer’s comment that this felt like her “Mary Poppin’s” bag..that’s EXACTLY how this feels. I amaze my co-workers when I keep pulling things out..

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Maybe a back pack would fit your needs?

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