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Best Client for Gmail on IMAP?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 20th, 2008

What do you think is the best client to use for Gmail with IMAP? After a few days of trying to get Outlook (both 2003/2007), to work well, I have tried using Thunderbird and Outlook Express.

Is there some other IMAP client that you would recommend? What is the most customizable (e.g. folder mapping) and best performing client for IMAP?

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I have used Gmail’s IMAP service under several clients and have found what I liked the best. I have used Outlook 2007, but it seemed a little sluggish for my liking. Thunderbird was the best solution that I have had so far, at least working under Windows. Fast, simple, and easy going.

I use Mail for OS X, and it handles it well too.

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Mail is definitely the best on OS X.

Since I posted this, I checked into Windows Live Mail and that seems pretty decent.

Still, nothing seems to work just the way I want it (as described in the question).

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OS X Mail on the desktop, Mobile Mail on the iPhone. Happily coexists with Gmail.

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what about on the PC?

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hmm. Okay will check it out again. Windows live mail seemed better at first but I’m positive I must have overlooked something with thunderbird.

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Thunderbird is an excellent client for gmail. Search for gmail and thunderbird on lifehacker and you will find a great article how to properly setup thunderbird for correct folder/label structure and all that jazz.

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I always liked Thunderbird, but why would you want to use an app when you could just use the web UI?

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@leb0wski: I like offline access and the ability to keep things local.

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Well, looks like gmail and google calendar are going to offer offline access soon through the use of google gears anyway, so that should solve your problem.

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I use Evolution Mail, It’s free (gratis/libre) and fast, fully integrated into the desktop and has calender/tasks/memos etc. And best of all, works flawlessly with Gmail IMAP.

Sorry to all you windows/mac users though. Linux only.

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thunderbird is awesome

zimbra is shiny

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