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Single women: do you ever wear a ring on your left ring finger?

Asked by CugelTheClueless (1539points) January 12th, 2012

I’ve noticed that some of my unmarried female friends have started wearing rings on their “wedding ring” finger,even though they are not married or engaged. Is this common? One of the 1st things I check out when I meet an attractive woman (ok, the 3rd or 4th) is her left ring finger to see if she is available. Now I wonder if I’ve missed my chance with several interesting women because I mistakenly assumed they were married or engaged just because they were wearing a ring on that finger.

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I never did.

Now that I’m engaged, I’ve discovered that, for some reason, my skin reacts to my engagement ring only on my left ring finger. I can wear my engagement ring on my right hand, no problem, but on my left, I break out in a rash. Go figure.

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I guess that is exactly why some women wear those rings on those fingers when they go out (sometimes): to be left alone (read: not be bothered by potential men ‘on the hunt’).
The same reason some men and women take them off when they are in for some flirting (or more) outside their relationship.
I had a friend some decades ago who did that.

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No. I didn’t even wear my wedding ring for years. lol
I have never really liked rings. I LOVE earrings, necklaces, belts, and all sorts of hair adornments, but, I hate wearing rings.
I am single by choice after divorcing some years ago and at 52 now, I don’t need to wear a ring to send subliminal messages to men. I can express my disinterest in a very straight forward way, no phoney decoy props needed. lol

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I don’t wear rings in general, but if I did I wouldn’t.

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Back in my cute days I worked a lot as a bartender and/or cocktail waitress. I almost always wore a simple gold-toned band on my 3rd finger left hand. It made life a lot easier while at work!

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Ditto @JilltheTooth. Life is complicated enough. If you’re a single woman, and you’re not interested in being “hit on” while you work or play, a simple ring can make life simpler.

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I can understand deliberately flying false colors, so to speak. But that presumes that the signal retains its customary meaning. I was puzzled because at least one of my unmarried friends always wears a ring there, and seemed not to grasp the message this sends. It’s gold with silver trim, a little wider than a typical wedding band, and has writing on it. I asked her about it and she said, “I’m married to myself, haha.” (She’s divorced.) I pointed out that guys she might want to date might think she was married, and she said she hadn’t thought of that. But she’s unusual in many ways.

Do any of you wear a ring on the wedding finger, not as a disguise, but just in the way that you might wear a ring on any other finger?

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I don’t usually wear rings. If I do wear one, it’s not for long… and I definitely don’t like wearing a ring on any of my fingers when I go out. I find rings to be uncomfortable.

* edit *

Oh, I wanted to add that a wedding band does not always stop people from hitting on people. There are men, for example, who say they get hit on more while they are wearing a wedding ring… I know that’s men, though… I wonder if the same thing ever happens to women?

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I don’t wear much jewelry, but if I had one I liked that fit best on my ring finger, I might wear it there since I use my right hand more.

Did you ever end up using that wingman?

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Yes I do. Never really paid attention to it being the ‘Ring Finger’.

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Yes I do too. I never thought of it as my married finger, but it’s more comfortable to wear it on the ring finger..

And I did, at one point, wear it on purpose there so when guys hit on me I could just say I’m married…. worked :)

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When I was single I did. They were not traditional engagement or wedding band looking rings, just rings. I see young women wear rings on their left ring finger all the time who aren’t married, but again they are usually not easy to mistake for a wedding band.

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I wear a big chunky rainbow ring on the ring finger of my right hand. I don’t know what side married women wear their rings on and I never thought about it past that.

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@deni In the US married women usually wear on their left, but some use their right if they are left handed, and other countries use their right. My mom had he engagment ring sized for one hand nd her wedding band for the other. Can’t remember which went on which. Anyway, they were not worn together.

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Thanks for your answers.

@AnonymousGirl Good point and good question.

@nikipedia yes but not successfully.

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Nah, I find it uncomfortable. I prefer my middle finger and thumbs.

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I keep my aunts ruby on my ring finger.

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I always did and now do, too. I love rings- not going to waste the space!!

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I actually have a beautifully carved gold band that looks exactly like a wedding ring. I am married but even if I weren’t I would wear it anywhere I wanted. I get tired of these silly little rules society tries to force onto me.

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I guess I’ll just have to pay attention to what kind of ring it is. Once I saw a gal with an elaborate dragon head ring there. I had fun picturing her goth wedding, but it probably wasn’t a wedding ring at all.

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