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How can I hang - or otherwise store - cardigans while keeping them in wearable condition?

Asked by Seelix (14914points) January 12th, 2012

I have a heck of a time hanging my cardigans without them getting little hanger-dents in the shoulders. I’ve tried folding them and putting them in drawers, but then they just get wrinkled.

Has anyone found a way to hang or store cardigans and avoid dents or wrinkles?

It’s getting to the point where I wish I had a plaster cast of my upper torso that could wear them for me.

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This has an easy solution.

Buy a set of satin-covered padded hangers.

Like these

I’ve had some for over 40 years (although I do tend to fold my cashmere sweaters and keep them in drawers.)

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Although I can see that it is not very convenient to place five (depending on how many cardigans you have) of these in your house, they seem perfect for the job.

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Thanks, @gailcalled – I’ll have to look for some of those next time I’m out.

@rebbel – A dress form would be so handy! That’s what I was thinking when I said I wanted to make a cast of my torso :)

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Can’t you just neatly fold them after drying? They look so nice on you that yes, your concern of them losing their form is quite valid. Hmm, I think I want to buy one right now. : )

And welcome back @Seelix! Been a while…?

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Sweaters need to be folded period. They will not only stretch with hanger marks, but can also stretch in general with gravity and get misshapen.

If you don’t have folded space I recommend either buying some inexpensive cubes or shelves for you closet, you can also fold down some other stuff if you need to make space in your closet. Or, look at what you have folded now, and hang up what can safely be hung up, even tshirts, so you can fit your sweaters into the folded space.

Maybe you need to learn how to fold them better? Folding is an art, I used to train people how to fold. You also can roll, if you are getting lines in parts of the sweaters that really bother you.

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For delicate sweaters/tops I use a folding board. First, I fold a piece of white tissue to the size of the middle (torso) back of the item, then I fold in one side and fold the arm, then the next side and the arm, then fold down the middle. If it’s really delicate, I’ll use tissue inbetween if I’m stacking, too.

This folding board called the flipfold, helps my husband fold his sweaters, too.

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Buy a Canvas shelf sweater bag;
It will allow you to hang plenty of sweaters without taking up much closet space.

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@SpatzieLover I saw that on Big Bang Theory.

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Funny @Pandora…I didn’t, but my husband is an Aspie, and it really helps…he can’t fold w/out it.

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Maybe the reason I have trouble with folding sweaters is that I don’t have enough space. They always seem to wrinkle. Maybe it’s just that I’m cramming too many things into one drawer.

I live in a teeny apartment, and I already have a full closet, dressers and extra Rubbermaid drawer things. I even have those space saver hanger things. Believe me, I don’t have any more space. Mr Fiance has been relegated to the hall closet since day one.

Thanks for all your input, though. I was just hoping for a magic solution that wouldn’t require more space :)

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I’ve not ever had luck hanging a cardigan, no matter the hanger. If the shoulders don’t get puckers then the body stretches. Do you fold your t-shirts and most pants? For plenty of years I have hung t-shirts and pants to free up drawers for delicates.

I love these hangers with tiered rows to clip-hang several skirts/pants at once and also these swing-rod styled ones for hanging tanks/shells and shorts through their belt loops. I did try these but found it annoying to get blouses to stay nice and straight when loading up and taking one off, enough to where gave the hangers to Goodwill. The best versions of these have a rotating hook so the whole contraption stays on the rod as you handle your clothes.

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