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Does anyone here use If so, do you know if there's a limit on the amount of active questions a user can have?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) January 12th, 2012

I signed up for that site, but they won’t let me ask any more than the four questions I already have. I asked about it in a forum there, no response. I emailed the site, no response.

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There are many old “askvillers” here in Fluther. I haven’t askvilled in years.

If you’re looking to ask a lot of questions, you’ll have to look somewhere other than Askville or here.

If you’re looking to meet interesting people and get opinions on your thoughts,
Welcome to Fluther!

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The fact that they are non-responsive to a new member should tell you all that you need to know. That site peaked about three years ago, and it’s been in steady decline. They are simply a click generator and content farm for Amazon and their marketplace customers, masquerading as a Q&A site.

If you want a response or a community, you can’t have high expectations of Askville. Oh, and I’m a member over there, too, so I speak from experience. Hi, Spatzie!

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Hi Glodie Yes, I still have an open account there @guywithanaccountnow just in case an old friend messages me. However, I haven’t answered, asked, or played there in years.

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Last I knew members of the Askville community were limited to 5 questions per hour. I’m not aware if that # has decreased, sounds like it may have. Give it an hour or so and try again.

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Fluther limits users to 3 questions per day. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a similar limitation on any other Q&A site.

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Seriously, don’t bother. You’re not going to get any good questions or answers there. You’ll get either gibberish written by bots, sarcasm and bitterness from the older members (which described me until a few months ago), or political and religious rants that don’t actually address the issue under discussion.

There is absolutely nothing worthwhile on that site any longer.

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Askville is a sad place. I don’t know why I still go there. There was a time it was fun. But, those days are long gone.

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@hipnek go out in a blaze of glory, get yourself banned, and revel in the fact that you no longer have anything to keep you going back there. Trust me, I speak from experience. :-)

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@MrItty I came here just now to reread what you’d written before, “You’ll get…sarcasm and bitterness from the older members (which described me until a few months ago”. I had just done that very thing, posted sarcasm, and realized that is just about all I do there anymore. I may take your advice.

I’m not sure exactly what happened in your case. I saw some long posts between you and a well known troll, but it was all pulled and you were gone before I got to read much of it. I don’t know if your banning was a result of that or not. The troll is still there.

Anyway, thanks for the input. And, it’s good to see you again.

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Hey Hipnek, hope all is well. Sorry to hear AV hasn’t gotten any better. I haven’t been back for a couple of months now. I do miss my friends there, but not the nonsense. It appears AV’s best days are behind them. Peace, BosM

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@hipnek Yup, that’s exactly what happened. Genelle and/or Alex decided to ban me, left the troll intact, and then lied their asses off to everyone who asked about it, claiming that it was “only for a week” (it wasn’t, the login message explicitly stated I was banned indefinitely), and that I had been notified as to why (I wasn’t, no email was ever sent by them).

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@MrItty Not only did they fail to ban the troll, when this happened with you, the troll was already on his second account. He was banned in back October and immediately returned with the same user name, having merely changed the underline he’d used to separate the 2 words in his username to a hyphen. That place is a joke.

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^^^ @hipnek & MrItty, that’s why I’m here under a different profile, because that same troll on AV was tailing me. Like you said right back with a slight change to his name.

I like that blaze of glory idea. :))) It makes me sad, that place is so dark and creepy now.

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