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Why would anyone get an Amex Blue Sky Card over the Amex Blue Cash?

Asked by andrew (16543points) May 20th, 2008

The Blue Sky card allows you redeem 7500 points for $100 rebate for travel-related expenses. The Blue Cash card gives you up to 1.5% back on purchases (5% for groceries and gas).

$7500 = 7500 points = $100 back = 1.33% back for Blue Sky versus 1.5% for Blue Cash. Am I missing something?

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When will the Fluther Amex card come out? Points redeemable in the Fluther Store?

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i think has to do more with the other benefits like rental car insurance and travel accident insurance you get with Blue Sky. so if you’re not a big traveler, then the obvious choice is Blue Cash.

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They are not thinking clearly.

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The blue cash card doesn’t get the big benefits until over $6500 is spent within a year. Until $6500 has been spent, the non-special purchases have just a 1/2% rebate, and the special purchases are just 1%. Fine print.

Take a look here

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