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What animal charity do you donate to?

Asked by jca (35973points) January 12th, 2012

I am always interested in donating to an animal charity but not sure which one is best. Which one does the best work?

Humane Society of the US
World Wildlife Fund
Sierra Club

or are there better ones? I’m not talking about a ton of money, but I could spare about $100 a year or so.

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My cat is my one and only charity case. I spend more than $100 a year on her. :D
I’ve got about $40 in my bank right now so that’s my excuse for not doing more. :D

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LOCAL rescue centers are currently in desperate need of help. Animal intake is up and funds are down.

Recently I’ve given to a local avian rescue, a local wildlife rescue, and will begin to give money to the local HSUS in my locale (as they finally went no kill).

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World Wildlife Federation. The Airmiles collection gets emptied out to “that cute panda bear”

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Pheasants forever, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation and a local shelter and lab rescue.

Peta and HSUS both euthenize most of the animals they ‘rescue’. You are much better off finding a local no kill shelter and donating to them.

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@SpatzieLover Is your local humane society associated with HSUS? Our local humane society was refused help from them on several occasions, we have finally stopped asking them for help.

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I don’t donate money, but I’ll stop by the Humane Society and walk dogs that have been locked up in the pen. I’ll also photograph dogs for adoption services. I do this for children in orphanages too. Pro photos shoot adoption rates up by a thousand percent.

Admittedly, I haven’t contributed in this way for a couple of years. I’m doing other stuff.

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@WestRiverrat Yes, ours is. I’ve actually been quite lucky when dealing with HSUS on local wildlife issues, too. We have no branch of the ASPCA here, so we need the HSUS to be involved.

Prior to going no-kill, I did have issues with our local humane shelter, now there are no issues.

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My favourite is Battersea Dogs Home. I donate to them at least once a month and it’s where my staffy came from. I think they do an amazing job.

Of your list, the only one I probably wouldn’t donate to is PETA as I don’t agree with some of their practises/opinions.

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@everephebe You’re cat’s gorgeous :)
I donate to the RSPCA.

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@MilkyWay I agree. She’s 18 by the way.

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I have donated to local wildlife rehabilitators and I have volunteered at the local animal shelter taking care of the cats that were waiting to be adopted (And we also adopted a special needs cat that used to have seizures every 17 days. With treatment the seizures went down to maybe once a year or less. She has been a great addition to the family!).

Great question, by the way! I’m interested too in learning about these organizations.

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The Farm Sanctuary, which gives a decent life to animal refugees from factory farms.

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Best Friends Animal Society

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I stopped donating to the sierra club when they redecorated their conference room with old growth panelling while at the same time boycotting to stop the cutting of old growth timber.

If they think the rest of us should boycot to stop the use of old growth timber they should not then buy the stuff.

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We donate to our county animal protective league. They are a no kill shelter for dogs and cats.

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Local county Humane Society

and like @everphebe, him (hogging my new Xmas mug)

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I have given financially to the RSPCA. I have also donated old towels to animal shelters.

I agree with @RealEyesRealizeRealLies that donations don’t have to be financial. I think his donation of time and expertise is fabulous and I am sure much valued by the animal and children’s organisations he works for free for. I have also suggested to my children (who want pets but live in rented accommodation where pets are not allowed) they could volunteer at local shelters to spend time with animals and walk dogs. All valuable donations when money is not an option.

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None, unfortunately. All of the money we can spare goes to feeding the homeless, or to Ron Paul’s election campaign. I would love to donate to organizations like the ASPCA, but they keep us old, retired veterans on a rather short leash. : (

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I have a soft spot for albatrosses due in part to a youthful encounter with Gustave Doré‘s illustrations of the ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ . I heard they were in trouble, but didn’t find anything about them on the National Audubon Society site. After some searching, I ended up giving some money to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which has a program for albatrosses.

I have given to local Humane Society branches too, but not lately. I should get on that. Thanks for the reminder.

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I let do my donating for me. They donate to my favorite charity everytime I use them to do an internet search. I donate to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

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@submariner I love Albatrosses too. You are the first person I have come into contact with that seems to appreciate them as much as I do!

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Farm Sanctuary

Or go local with your local animal shelter, or find out if there are any local agencies in your town that help people with expensive medical vet procedures. There is probably a local version of an agency that helps senior citizens pay for medical expenses and pet food so that they can keep their beloved pets with them.

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