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Easter eggs to leave my coworkers?

Asked by goose756 (655points) January 12th, 2012

I currently work as a software developer and will be leaving my job tomorrow. I want to leave things for my coworkers to find in the future to remember me. Ex: comments in code, internal wiki posts, etc.

Any ideas?

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The cake is a lie.

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Valentine hearts will be out shortly. Easter eggs are to far down the calendar road, unless you have some frozen from last year.

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@john65pennington I noticed that Cadbury Eggs were out during Christmas. If that’s the case, you should be able to find them. But maybe you can find something better than that to leave them.

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Leave links to Fluther all over the place. Unless your coworkers are total dummies or worse. In that case, leave links to Tumblr.

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@goose756 I just wanted to say I lurve this question…I thought about it for a day & all I can say think of is the fact that I love the sayings Fluther has. Maybe you can leave your co-workers something like them…Like “I ate your yougurt” or some other inside joke about snacks in the fridge-etc.

It’s a great gesture on your part.

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