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Rumor or not? Is urine sterile enough to consume as a drink?

Asked by TheInnocentOne (73points) January 12th, 2012

I have seen many rumors, heard many things, and even saw it online as a “Snapple Real Fact.” Does anybody know the answer that will get to the bottom of this? Thank you in advance!

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I’ve always wanted to pour pee into my Brita, but I don’t have the courage.

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The few times I had to bring urine to my doctor for tests it looked not like water but like a nice glass of beer, with foam.

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Yes it is. But don’t trust me, trust Tyler Durden

I also have a friend who was taught in the military to do this when water is not available.

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Yes. Urine from a healthy person is sterile. Just don’t drink vast quantities of it, because you’ll be putting extra stress on your kidneys.

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Urine in the absence of infection is sterile. Meaning just like sterile water it doesn’t have “germs” in it.

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It starts out sterile but once exposed to air, it’s a warm organic broth quickly swarming with microorganisms. Of course Snapple isn’t sterile, either, after you open it. Urine is toxic, however, containing numerous chemicals already rejected by liver and kidneys.

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Bear Grylls does it all the time

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Urine is sterile directly from the human body into a sterile container.

Safe to drink? Only in extreme emergencies.

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Bear Grylls is a fake.

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It’s mostly true. So long as the person donating it to you is healthy, then it’s wuite safe to occasionally drink. There are a few urinary track infections that can be passed on orally, so if someone has one of those, theyshould refrain from water sports till the infection is fully cured. Because it is sterile when fresh and when taken from a healthy person, it was used in battlefield settings to cleanse wounds when no other sterile water was available.

When it comes to consuming your own, you aren’t going to catch any infections from that, because if bacteria are present, then you already have that infection.

Urine does contain bodily wastes on their way out. Regularly consuming it, particularly your own, would cause those wastes to concentrate to toxic levels in the urine, so that is a terribly bad idea. If you wish to engage in water sports, do it in moderation.

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It is completely sterile, it does however contain large quantities of nitrogen.
Apparently safe to drink until you ‘recycle’ it more than three times. Then the nitrogen becomes too concentrated for the body to safely process.

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I learned about it from reading about this. Also, the hiker that got trapped under a boulder (depicted in 127 Hours) drank his own pee to survive before amputating his arm.

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