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Good or bad idea? (pool table in small room)

Asked by Esedess (3439points) January 12th, 2012

I’ve wanted a pool table of my own FOREVER! I finally have an extra room (roughly 12×14), but I don’t think it will work for the playing space required (at least not on 1 of the 4 corners, and not comfortably).

HOWEVER, because this room is a master bedroom with a sink area, the room is not perfectly rectangular. Think of an “L”, where the ” _ ” is the 12×14 area, and the ” I ” is where the room opens up to a 7×8 area.

I ~could~ ~potentially~ put the whole thing on a lazy-susan with a locking mechanism. Then, if a shot came up where there’s not enough space to shoot, the whole table could be carefully rotated, as not to disturb the balls, to where the cue behind you is extending into the open 7×8 area.

Would it work, or does this just have “bad idea” written all over it?

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The rotating mechanism: bad idea.
Surely the balls would move when the table is turned.
But it is possible, a pool table in that room, just one (or two, or three) that is slightly smaller.

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I’m not a pool player, so I can’t say if that’s enough room to swing the pool cues, but spinning the table will make the balls move regardless how carefully you spin it.

If I were you, I’d get a foosball or air hockey table instead.

And if you have the buckazoids, maybe throw in a dart board, a small wet bar, and hang a flat screen TV on the wall, and do it up like a little sports bar for you and your mates.

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We are talking feet aren’t we?

This chart
tells you how big the room needs to be to fit certain tables. The measurements suggest your room is not big enough. The cue would hit the wall. You need room to move around the table and take the shots.

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I just keep thinking about how much room you will need to turn the table. But anyway, according to this site,

Tables ought to enjoy five feet clear on each side or more to allow for a cue to be placed and stroked comfortably and so add ten feet to each pool table dimension of width and length:

A 4½×9 foot table = 14½×19 feet of floor space or more

A 4×8 or “bar” table = 14×18 feet of floor space for its rest

A 3½×7 foot table = 13½×17 feet of floor space

Put it outside like they did on the Drew Carey Show.

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@bkcunningham Oh, don’t even worry about that. LOL! I modeled it up in 3D with SolidWorks. The closest any corner will get to a wall is 1’ 9” when rotating.
=} ha… ha….. =(

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Bad idea all over it. Try something else.

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@rebbel Hey yea~! And look at that! It comes with a tooth brush! haha.

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You need a bumper pool table.

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I love pool too, but there’s nothing worse than a pool table in a small space.

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@HungryGuy “swing the pool cues” LMAO!

…if you have the buckazoids…
Yea… That was the general consensus on my end. I just really REALLY want a pool table instead of some other table game. The darts are already up. There’s 2 TV’s on the wall, and the bar is coming together nicely in the sink area with adjacent wine rack. I really didn’t want to do this, but it looks like I might just have to go with just a poker table or something. Not quite the same. Gives me something to shoot for I guess. (a bigger house)

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@Esedess How about liquor in the front, poker in the back?

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@rebbel Honestly, that’s probably what’s going to end up happening. It’s cool! I’ll still be happy with it. I’m just not the biggest poker player. Good time to start though ehh?

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@bkcunningham Never played… But, I’ll go check some out right now actually.

There is one other pool type game, besides bumper pool, that I’ve seen (only once on TV). It’s played on a square table with 3 balls. I THINK the object is to hit the cue ball into one of the balls, make it bounce off a side wall, and then come back and touch the other ball… Or something like that. Ever heard of it?

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No, @Esedess, I haven’t heard of that game. Bumper pool has “bumpers” built into the small table which act as obstacles or places to hide your balls while trying to get across the table and sink your balls in a small hole. We had a game room at our house when I was growing up and we had a bumper pool table. The top came off the table and could be turned over to be either a small dining table or flipped to be a poker table. Really fun game.

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I think it is a bad idea all around. You have to have space to play pool, and I personally would not be happy with a non-regulation size little table, especially if I had my heart set on a real pool table. You are going to wind up with the end of cue sticks rammed into your sheetrock.

@rebbel has a good idea. I think you would be happier with it. Sometimes you have to change your game plan to fit your space. I really wanted a formal dining room when I had my house built, and was looking at the 3rd bedroom. I finally scrapped the idea and made the 3rd bedroom into an office – THANK GOODNESS – because I would have been very unhappy with it if I had stuck to my original plan. There would not have been enough room for it to be very functional as a dining room.

By the way, I have a bar in my family room downstairs, and an octagon felt poker table, and we use it a lot for board games, jigsaw puzzles, and so on. Even if you love pool, it gets old after a while.

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.Just have to think outside the box! You can have a pool table in that space
I have an 6’ octagonal table which rotates flawlessly. Playing surface is just shy of a 4’x8’ rectangular.
You can stand in one spot and turn the game to your preferred position, great game!
As long as you do not start or stop the rotation suddenly the balls don’t move out of place.
I can send you a pic if you like.

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Bad idea. You need a lot of room when you are playing pool.

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@wingnut Wow really!? I thought forsure the balls would roll unless you were extremely, almost impossibly, careful with the rotation. Good to know though! Thanks!

Definitely send me a pic if you can! I’d be very interested to see the setup!


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