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Hypothetical: You sleep naked. Weather outside is 30 degrees. House catches fire and bedroom is threatened. You need to get out.

Asked by elbanditoroso (22223points) January 12th, 2012

Do you stop and put on something (robe, sweats, etc.) or do you go out with nothing on and lessen your risk of injury?

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Nothing on. Who would even judge me? Nobody.

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I get the fuck out, period. If anything, I’d seek out my cats before my clothes. Either way, I’m sure someone will lend me a coat or something so I can cover myself with it.

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I hate thinking about this scenario. One, because, if a fire started in this house, it would be fucking hard to get out from the second floor. Two, I am 99.9% sure that I would at least wrap up in something. A towel, a blanket, a robe.. anything. Stupid, or not, I would rather die than be humiliated.
It would be extremely difficult for me not to try to save my pets. I just hate thinking about the whole thing.

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There would be something for my boys. The cold really hurts my balls.

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There is a robe hanging on my door. I would grab it and jump out the window.

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I’m going to grab a robe. There’s the kids to watch out for, and the robe could prove invaluable as protection against smoke or if I have to leap through flames.

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I would grab a blanket off the bed.

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Grab my gun and badge and I am outta there. Oh, wait, I need my sunglasses so my neighbors will not recognize me.

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I had a dear friend who this happened to years ago when he was living far away from home and employed at his first job out of college. He crawled through the smoke naked and made it to safety outside in subzero temperatures. He lost everything he owned. People he worked with gave him clothes, furniture, money, everything he needed to get started again. I just found out about six months ago that he had died in a crazy, senseless way. It makes me very sad. He was a wonderful man.

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@john That made me laugh like mad lol.

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@ANef_is_Enuf -unpleasant as it is, if you think about it now, then if it happens, you’ll act instinctively.

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I’d grab my dog and hold her strategically in front of me.

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@john65pennington – where do you pin the badge?

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@elbanditoroso are you sure? Because, 2 years ago I had to physically hold my neighbor from running into his burning house to save his dog.

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Is your dog a teacup poodle, @cprevite? ; )

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It would be a good excuse to go to someone’s door naked and ask to use their phone. I wouldn’t grab anything.

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I’ll grab my daughter and a blanket. We sleep on the 1st floor and it would be pretty simple to get out, but I live on a very busy street- I’d like at least a blanky to cover my lady lumps.

My son sleeps on the 2nd floor and I’d probably be more successful screaming and throwing things at his window outside than simultaneously trying to get my daughter to stay out and getting up the stairs to his room. Horrible thought.

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@Blackberry LMAO Yeah, you’d like that.

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30 F or 30 C?

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@Blackberry it’s one way to be remembered, that’s for sure. Once, my neighbor’s dog got loose… so I walked her down the street to take her home. The guy who lives there opened the door wearing absolutely nothing but a pair of tighty whities. That must have been 5–6 years ago, but, it is an image that will never leave my head. He is forever “the underwear neighbor.”

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Grab something and throw it on. It only takes a few seconds.

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That’s @YARNLADY and me in the blankets. I’d share with some one else who grabbed nothing and I bet she would too.

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I have my robe hanging up and it’s very accessible (maybe 4 steps from my bed and towards the door anyway). So yeah I would throw that on, or the blanket on my bed. But push comes to shove, if it’s my life, I’m heading out buck ass naked!

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There have been a spate of house fires with multiple fatalities here lately and I remember one of the firies saying you have something like three minutes to get out of a modern house because of all the flammable materials/furnishings etc. (Very scary thought). I would grab my robe and climb out the window (one story house). As much as I would hate doing it, I would have to hope my puppies got out through their door.

In saying all that though, there was a fire alarm at 2 am in a hotel we stayed in last year and we all had to evacuate. We did throw clothes on and then walked down the hotel stairs. Some people who came down after us looked like they had done their hair and make-up! Some were still looking out of the windows on the upper floors. Crazy. It was a false alarm but some of those people were damn lucky it was.

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I have too many animals to rescue. I’d be tossing pillows out of pillow cases and tossing animals inside the cases.

Eff what the neighbors think. I’m going commando to save my babies.

This is why I never sleep nude

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i better go get a robe…..i hate being cold.

i would do something cover my bits. and butt

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No need to put on clothes if it is that hot outside. Except to cover up my genitals of unspecified gender.

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@nikipedia it’s a shame the question wasn’t minus 30 degrees as that’s (almost) where the two scales cross.

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Also seriously, if there’s a house burning down to watch do you think anyone will be looking at the naked people?

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@SpatzieLover We just recently had a mock fire drill at our house, and I instructed the two adult grandkids to stuff their pets in a pillow case run for the nearest door. They were surprised to hear about the pillow case idea.

We have a front door, a door out the back bedroom, a door out the master bedroom, a door out the back of the kitchen, and a door out the family room.

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@bkcunningham: Ha! I’d like to say a Dachshound (lol), but she’s actually a Havanese.

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My dogs wouldn’t FIT in a pillow case!

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This is precisely the reason I always get dressed when there is a nearby lightening storm.
@Lightlyseared There are always plenty of cameras around. A fire is a photographer’s delight.

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@LyckyGuy yeah but burning buildings take more interesting photos than ugly naked people.

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If I thought about it, I’d grab something off the bed and toss it through the window I presume I’m going to bust out of. Chances are though, I’d just get out of the house with whoever is in the bedroom with me and then realize I’ve no clothing or protection.

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@Dutchess_III We have a cat, a chihuahua, and a Queensland heeler, all fairly small.

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Who knows how they would react in such a situation, and who gives a damn about being naked, bigger fish than that to fry, or not, hopefully

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My robe is always within reach of the bed. Whether I leave the room by the door or the window, I can’t avoind going right past it, so I’d pick it up and put it on.

But for me this situation would never arise. The only times I sleep naked is when we have a heatwave on. Usually I’m wearing at least t-shirt and shorts.

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I’m with the blanket brigade.

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I always put on my shoes when bad weather threatens.

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@augustlan Blanket brigade. That sounds awesome.

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