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How often do you shop online?

Asked by gearedtolaugh (306points) January 13th, 2012

Just a curious question. My family owns websites and they sell stuff online. So how often does everybody even shop online?

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I shop online several times a year.

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Several times a month.

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Hell, I hardly ever buy in stores anymore.

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I visit brick and mortar store fronts a few times a year to help my wife with holiday shopping for the kids. 95% of my purchases are on-line. Amazon, Brooks Brothers, LLBean, etc. The social experience of shopping is not for me, although my wife and daughters enjoy it very much.

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I’m like @marinelife – several times a year, books and concert tickets make up most of the purchases

It’s funny reading the 1st three comments in succession.

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Probably 1 -2 times a week.

I do a lot of comparison shopping before I buy.

Free shipping is a MUST even if the price is a little higher.

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I shop on line for almost everything. The selection is better, finding specific items is easy, and the prices are better. Just this past week I have ordered; a birthday gift for my dad (and had it shipped to him), a necklace, hardware and a 1950’s decal for a high chair that I am refinishing. Try finding THAT in a store!

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The only brick & mortars I go to are for groceries. I shop almost exclusively online, several times per week.

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When I shop for clothes, which is rare, and my local consignment shop has nothing interesting, I go online. Bean, Land’s End, bras, Zappos for shoes, and Amazon.

I use the local community for food, household products, pet food, and socks.

I was in a mall in late November to buy an Apple laptop. On the 30 mile-ride home, we got a flat tire ($250).

That day and my subsequent nervous collapse from too much noise, too many odors of old fried grease, and too many people reminded me of why I hate to shop outside of my village.

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@gailcalled I know what you mean! I went out shopping for Christmas ONCE in December, and vowed to never do that again. I couldn’t find what I wanted, what they did have was picked over, and the mall and parking lot was packed! It took me 45 minutes just to find a parking spot.

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I shop online as often as possible. I would rather that than have to go to a Mall or something like that. I do my grocery shopping at the actual supermarket though.

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@Leanne1986 Yes, I buy groceries and clothes from local stores. Clothes because I have to try things on before I know if I will like them. I have bought clothes on line before, but that didn’t work out well for me.

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Groceries and about half my clothes I buy in local shops. Most of the rest I buy online.

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I have never bought anything online. To be honest, I do not trust the hackers.

I will call the 800 number and give them an order. At least I know with whom I am talking and hopefully its just a one on one person.

No problems, so far.

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I shop about once or twice a month online. I hate going shopping – except for food.

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Several times a week. About half my shopping is online. Clothes/accessories, food, gas, booze – those are all done in person. The rest, if I buy it in person it’s usually because it’s either cheaper or I need it faster than buying it online.

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I do most of my shopping online, I pretty much have to because of how much I work and how much I don’t want days off taken up with shopping. Most sites I shop regularly send enough promo codes to my emails that I rarely pay shipping, that’s nice. I just pick out stuff I want, add it to the online wishlist and wait for prices to be where I want to buy.

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Except for food and some clothes, I buy most everything online.

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Every 2 weeks.

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well there is no specific time frame but once or twice a month.

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Every 2 or 3 weeks also depend on need.

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I prefer online shopping then the offline. There are many reason to shop online. Online shopping is more convenient and some time cheaper then offline shopping. Online shopping very beneficial because there there are many brands available online that provides better opportunity than physical stores.

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