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Have you played godhand?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) May 20th, 2008

i’m playing it right now, it’s not a pretty game, but it’s so very good, it’s the best fighter i’ve played since i don’t know when, it’s funny, and it has a lot under the hood, if you didn’t know it yet, check it out, maybe you’ll like it

so if you did play, or do play it, what’s your opinion?

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I wanted to check the game out when it first came out but I was torn between it and the other game that Clover Studios put out for Capcom, which was Okami. I did purchase Okami instead. Beautiful game and worth a purchase for PS2 or Wii. I forgot about God Hand, im sure I can pick it up cheap somewhere now.

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I have seen the movie Playing God and I have seen In Gods Hands, but I haven’t played the game your talking about
: (

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well, i have okami too, haha, and both viewtifull joe’s, im a clover fan, haha

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