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Mother dog just bit a pup what should I do?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) January 13th, 2012

The mother is a Chihuahua and the father is some kind of poodle mix. The cubs are about 3 weeks old barely opening their eyes. Of the six, she attacked one. I guess she had a chewing faux bone as all our dogs normally chew on and I guess just right now, the puppy was looking for milk and then he ran into the bone next to her neck where she had put it. She took it as the pup was going to take it and attacked him, now she’s licking up all his blood. There’s an injury near his nose and some blood from the mouth. When he breathes in or out, (I can’t tell which) there’s that sound of bubbles in a tube kind of sound (I think it’s blood) The pup is breathing calmly now and the mother is licking her pup, and I immediately took her bone faux away. Any advice here? Will she attack them some more? This is her second litter in two years. Poor little fellow :(

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Definitely keep the faux bone away.

I’m afraid that the she might have punctured a lung. You need to take the puppy (and the whole litter with mother) to the vet.

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Take the puppy to the vet right away! It’s airway is compromised.


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I don’t like at all the “sound of bubbles in a tube” you are describing nor the blood from the mouth (hard to pinpoint where it’s actually coming from). Please take the puppy to a vet or to a veterinary emergency hospital before he/she gets worse!

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Please let us know what happened. Hope everything turns out okay. Good luck.

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1. Definitely never give your dog (mom) another bone shaped toy again. It’s been proven that dogs tend to get violent over toys they deem is “completely” there’s. By that I mean the dog might even snap at you when you come around.

2. Like everyone says, take that pup to the Vet ASAP. The wound itself might not be lethal, but puppies have a very weak immune system, so infection would probably take the little guy out.

3. You have a new problem, the pup that was bit might now become the runt of the litter. There are alot of secondary options that you might have to deal with in the future. Dogs see weakness, and they use this to see where you stand on the chain of command. It’s amazing how fast the other puppies will realize that since that puppy got hurt, he’s weak. It’s not the dogs fault and it’s not the puppies fault. That’s just the way the animal world works.

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Yes, take everybodys advice and get the puppy to a vet asap.
Gurgling or wheezing is not a good sign, not good at all.

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Away to the vet ASAP.

You should probably have the mom spayed too once this litter is weaned. With the current surplus of unwanted dogs in the world, two litters is plenty for one dog.

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First of all, apologies because I usually hate the kind of answer I’m about to give. I love dogs and I respect breeding for good characteristics and I understand people’s love for a breed… but… WTF? “the father is some kind of poodle mix”? Get the female spayed, please. For the love of all unwanted puppies.

Your pup might be ok if mom just stimulated mucus and now she’s licked it away and the pup seems to be breathing normally. Keep an eye on them and do not put toys in with mom and whelping puppies.

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@Blueroses I thought exactly the same thing as you when I first read this question but didn’t want to say so as this is in general so thought I might be modded!

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@auhsojsa How’s the puppy?

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@Leanne1986 You have like a billion fluther points, I don’t think you’d be modded. This is a General topic, all you have to do is come in the door and speak the truth. The honest truth, something related to the topic.

@auhsojsa Like selfe said, what’s the status? How’s the puppy? I hope you didn’t get your answer and abandon this question. Alot of worried jellies are waiting for the ending of your story.

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Since we are writing about veterinary care, is anybody here familiar with any of the sources for financial assistance for pets listed in the following websites?

I had heard the name IMOM. Hope to never need this type of help but it seems good information to have in case of an emergency…

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