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Matt Smith or David Tennant?

Asked by Esedess (3439points) January 13th, 2012

Who’s Who?

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Can’t do it for you. It is one character. David Tennant was perfect for his tragic, time-lord victorious, phase. I am really liking Matt Smith for his reborn, gonna leave that tragic crap behind me now incarnation.

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Ian Hislop

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Both/All. Every actor interpreted the Doctor to suit his ‘times’, right now Matt Smith is acting the Doctor as playing a gangly, geeky, young man. With the wisdom of a 900-year-old and the body of a youth, his bod will mature… ;)

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Tom Baker.

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Christopher Eccleston.

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One vote for the scarf.

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I’m going with Matt Smith, BTW. I think he perfectly portrays a certain carelessness in the face of absolute horror that would come with such age and experience.

I’m not knocking any of the other doctors. They’re all GREAT in their own right. But I particularly like the character of this doctor. Also, he’s pretty legitimately funny.

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Tennant, Tennant, Tennant, Tennant, Tennant, Tennant, Tennant, Tennant.

It’s my mantra and my future lover.

Tennant, Tennant, Tennant, Tennant

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Karen Gillan.

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I like them both, but I prefer Tennant overall. This is partially because of the new direction DW has taken with Moffat though. Since Matt started with Moffat, it’s kind of hard to separate his Doctor from the series in general, and I really preferred RTD’s DW to Moffat’s. However Matt really is a terrific actor. I thought he really showed how good he is in A Good Man Goes to War and in the Rebel Flesh episode (I can’t remember if it was the first of the two-parter or the second!) where he gets angry and kind of attacks Amy.

I think one of the main things that detracts me from Matt is how ‘hipster’ his Doctor is. It’s like Moffat is trying to cater only to the teenager blogging crowd and although I guess I identify with that, it’s not really appealing to me in the Doctor. It just needs to be toned down a bit, in my opinion.

Anyway, Tennant just went above and beyond with every single episode of DW, including the ones I don’t like. When I watch him, I believe that the show is real and that the Doctor actually is out there frolicking about.

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Excellent analysis @martisnspringtime. I did like Smith a lot in his first season. The van gogh episode is one of my overall stand out favorites of all time. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I dislike this last season. You might have helped me nail it.

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David Tennant, I just enjoyed his acting style more, he’s less all over the place and more understandable than Matt Smith, if that makes sense. But all have been excellent in their own way.

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Errrrmmm no contest…. DAVID TENNANT all the way!! I cant watch so much anymore as MS is not really that exciting for me like DT was. He really had the quirky doctor role in the bag, a bit like a modern Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy.

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David Tennant by a long shot.

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Matt Smith, it doesn’t hurt that Moffat is standing behind him.

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David Tennant – slightly alien, a little odd, but soundly rooted in reality – if you know what I mean. The most recent Matt Smith episodes have seemed almost “fairy tale“ish in comparison. Tennant seemed to have a soul, compassion, feelings, Smith just seems to have adventures.
Of the three “new” Doctors, I’d rank them Tennant, Eccleston, Smith, but then again I’m a fan of Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Pat Troughton and William Hartnell!

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Interesting fact for all you guys. Did you know that at the age of 3, Tennant wanted to become an actor for the sole purpose of playing The Doctor? If you get the chance hit up his wikipedia page sometime… It’s an interesting read.

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