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Is Hydrogen Peroxide bad for your teeth?

Asked by AshLeigh (16340points) January 13th, 2012

I was reading the directions on my Hydrogen Peroxide bottle (because I hurt myself falling out of a chair. Haha) and it had directions for rinsing with it.
I’ve heard of people doing this, but I never really tried it. So, I was just wondering if it was harmful to your teeth?

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No, it’s not harmful to your teeth. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient in tooth whitening kits and may already be in your toothpaste.

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Interesting. O.o

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Good for the gums and will help your “breathe”.

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One of my dentists recommended it as a mouth wash. I never used it. I didn’t see a reason to.

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Just don’t swollow it.:-)

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Chairs are dangerous though. Be careful.

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I use it all the time but I rarely buy toothpaste that contains it. I gargle it too and my teeth and mouth seem pretty healthy. I mix peroxide with baking soda when I brush my teeth.

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It’s all either set of my grandparents used for a mouth wash. Also, both regularly used baking soda to brush with before or after using toothpaste.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought…. >.< In my defense… It was a tall chair, and I’m short.

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I was wondering about the chair thing too.

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… Uh, yeah. I’m clumsy.
I couldn’t reach the floor, and the chair tipped over. XD

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@AshLeigh Ok. I’m 6’1”. I have a store I’m always smacking my head on things hanging from the ceiling in there.

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O.o That would suck. Haha.
It was two weeks ago that I fell, and I still have a really big cut. I probably should have gotten stitches, but I’m reckless. ;D

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I believe I told you that it’s just fine for your mouth and my Mom uses it all the time. Why don’t you ever believe me? I’m smart, I swear.

That cut is nasty..

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Because I like to involve Fluther in everything I do.
And it was very nasty. But it’s mostly healed now.

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You really do, don’t you? Silly girl. Put it in your mouth. It’s good for you.

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… I have a really dirty mind.

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Everyone does. That’s why I refer to anything and everything you put in your mouth as “it.” Everybody looks at me funny and I know what they’re thinking. :D

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Good lord. Careful ladies. You’ll have the entire collective inflamed.

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I used Hydrogen Peroxide to rinse my mouth just last night.

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My hydrogen peroxide… :P

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Well, who else’s? You’re the only one in this house who owns Hydrogen Peroxide. The rest of us are tough. We take it like men. Infection be damned. Unless it’s in my mouth. Then I have to clean it. :D

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I’m sorry if I don’t like my giant wounds on my shin to get infected.

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My best friend used it and had gum disease. She used it to whiten her teeth and then had gum surgery twice.

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