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What would you say is North America's largest land animal?

Asked by Brian1946 (25854points) January 13th, 2012

According to this, it’s the buffalo.

However, I’m not sure about that. What about the moose? Also IIRC, a polar bear was reportedly estimated to weigh about 2,200 lbs., and don’t some horses reach weights of over 2,000 lbs.?

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I would guess both a grizzly bear and buffalo would outweigh an elk or moose.

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The blue whale.

Sorry, I’ve been watching too much QI lately.

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It probably depends on the individual animal. Whenever I think of large animals I’m reminded of Haast’s eagle. Damn you extinction!

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The American Bison by far (that is if you’re excluding sea life *cough cough dappled leaves cough cough) with the largest wild bull coming in at 2,800 lb and largest semi domesticated coming in at roughly 3,800 lb.

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What is it about ”...watching too much QI lately.” that leads you to believe that a blue whale is a land animal?

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It is a running gag from one of the panel members (Alan Davies) of QI, @Brian1946.
He could also have said Nobody Knows although he would have been wrong then.

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@rebbel I am so pleased that someone got that. :D

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Pleased to please you, @dappled_leaves !

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Alaska Polar Bears are largest carnivore and Bison largest animal.

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@Tropical_Willie that’s debateable if the polar bear is the largest carnivore. Sure, on average a polar bear out weighs more than a kodiak bear, but the kodiak holds the record for heaviest bear at more than 2,500 lb. If you go by length, polar bears come in between 8.0–8.5 ft. while kodiaks tend to come in between 7–10+ ft. So it’s sorta a toss up between the kodiak and the polar.

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The average american white male.~

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