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Are my new tattoos fading?

Asked by College_girl (917points) January 13th, 2012

So I got two tattoos, one on each ankle, about two weeks ago. It’s just plain, black, gothic writing, nothing big or fancy. I’ve been taking care of it just like I did for the one on my back (which is totally normal looking), but these tattoos just seem to be almost fading away. It looks a bit bluish around and between the lettering and some letters are still raised (like as if they are still swollen) while others have gone down. What should I do?

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Have you been bathing? Did you swim, soak in the tub, or take long showers while they were healing? Did you pick at the scabs?

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I take showers, like every other day, but then I run it under cold water to close the pores up like they told me to. No swimming, no soaking, and showers aren’t that long. I haven’t been picking at it or itching it. That’s why I’m so confused.

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Well, most places will do a free touch up after it heals. Call the artist, see if they do that.

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Problem is, I got it done where I live permanently (the states), but I live in Canada for school. Also, I’m only 18, so even if I was going to get it touched up here I couldn’t because you have to be 19 I believe. And I don’t go back till the 25 of February. I mean, I could try to go back before.

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@College_girl if you can’t make it back before then, you can still try calling and explaining the situation. They might be willing to make you an appointment for the time frame you will be in town.

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I might make it back home next week to get it done

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Sounds to me like you got some ink that is close to bone. Tattooing around bony areas is hard. The ink does not sometimes set and if the artist does not have a steady enough hand or is tattooing with a large group of needles then he may have gone to deep, thus causing scarring which is the raised part that you feel and ink bleed, which is the bluish area you describe. Keep taking care of them and let them heal all the way and then go back and have them touched up. Any tattoo artist worth his weight will touch up his/her work for free but remember to tip. Stay away from perfumed lotions and do not apply triple antibiotic ointment. If it is possible that you are going to school in Vancouver B.C. I can recommend a shop that I know personally and set something up for you.

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Thank you, I’m in Langley, no car though :( I called the tattoo place and left a message. I’m using lubriderm in small amounts. He said I didn’t need a lot

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Oh that’s normal. Don’t worry it’ll heal fine. I’ve had my hand tattoo raised for 3 weeks and swollen for another half. Don’t go switching around from artist to artist it’s just bad gesture. It’s only been 2 weeks, let it heal for a solid month as @judochop mentioned it was near a lot of bone. Take a photograph of it and let us see what you are talking about.

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I tried to but it always comes out blurry

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I’m going home next week to get it touched up. Part of it just chipped off while I was patting it dry.

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