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When would you go to 'Fantasy Island?

Asked by faye (17839points) January 13th, 2012

This was a great tv show where you got a chance to redo your life. You had a chance to go back in time and pick where you began all over.

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When I turned six, I’d blow my brains out before any of it happened.

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@King_Pariah I’ll follow trough in the second season. :)

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This is a really tough question for me right now so I will have to ponder and maybe respond later – like in about two years.

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I wouldn’t.

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The start of High School, with all I know now, man I would’ve studied so much harder, not cared what anyone thought of me, just so many things I would do differently. Stuff the whole “I wouldn’t change a thing because it made me who I am today” crap. lol I would do and say so much that I didn’t back then.

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Umm.This is “Fantasy Island,” and the logic of cause and effect is totally irrelevant, so…
I’d have divorced 9 years sooner, would have avoided the heck out of the “mean-girl workers” at my Minnesota workplace my first year, would not have gone to that 1988 New Year’s Eve party, would have been less tolerant of some of my son’s friends, would not have told a guy I liked him and ruined a friendship,,,

These are things that happened that, no, I don’t regret, but are things that happened that do not seem to have any redeeming grace. Some things happened in my life that were horrible, but at least have some lesson or positive that I get out of it—the things that don’t have any positive outcome at all, I’d be happy to just simply delete from my life.

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I would pick the moment I went into the machine and stop myself….But if that wasn’t an option my second choice would be to the day I moved in with my father after the divorce and I would fight a little harder to stay with my mom…instead of just hiding under the bed as my mother pointed out who my father was as he shot a snot rocket into the street from his fat bloated body.

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High-school! Yeyyy! 80’s disco, movies, Michael Jackson, New Wave, hair gel!!!

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I wouldn’t want to go back at all. It’s only the last 2 or 3 years that I’ve been truly happy. I certainly don’t want to go back to a life that was worse than what I have now.

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I never think that way. I learn from my past, sure. I might fantasize about doing things differently—that’s part of the learning process. Maybe that’s what the tv show was about.

But if I had to pick a particular event that I really needed to learn from… don’t think I could come up with one. My life has been pretty steady in terms of how I think and react to things. There is no really pivotal event that comes to mind.

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