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What tips and tricks do you have to get my blood sugar levels at satisfactory?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) January 14th, 2012

It’s really tough to maintain my blood sugars. I’m not diabetic but I tend to crave something sweet throughout the day, whether it’s a fruit, or a Sobe Green Tea stuff of that sort. Got tips and tricks to help maintain balanced blood sugars?

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First you need to be sure you need to. If you are craving foods, it may be that you are needing something they contain. Test your blood sugar and be sure you have a problem before you try to alter it. Some people do suffer from low blood sugar and need to take in more sugars than others.

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@DrBill I am prone to low blood sugar, but consuming more sugar is a really, really bad way to deal with it. The trick is to consume more complex carbs such as wholewheat bread, and also to eat smaller meals but more frequently. I avoid a crash by snacking between meals on things like crackers and nuts.

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@downtide Yes I feel the same, since my semesters are always flippy floppy with scheduling it’s hard to get a solid time to eat certainly. Say if I have a banana, 8 0z water, and cereal for breakfast at 8 o clock, by 1030 I’m ready for some lunch. However, if I skip that lunch and wait until 5pm I feel sluggish and sort of a depression where I have no idea what to eat and overall feel discombobulated.

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Keep your banana and cereal for breakfast but at 10:30 eat some plain nuts, a yogurt or a stick of cheese with a small apple. If like a lot of people, your lunch can be anywhere from noon-2pm, you won’t be as hungry for quantity and so can eat a little bit of what you crave if you still crave it.

Cutting sugar is hard but once your body accepts then it starts not liking as much salt or as much carbs, it really starts to hone in on specifics.

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Eat complex fibers, proteins or fats first. Your stomach has to work harder to process and convert and digest these foods so you feel full longer and there’s a slow stream of food being deposited into your duodenum, where the pancreas gauges insulin needs.

Juices, straight sugar, simple carbs, processed foods, jellies, etc all go straight through the stomach because the stomach doesn’t have to process it much, and overloads the duodenum. You get a blood sugar spike, might get food coma, and are hungrier faster.

I learned it this way—eat food closest to is natural state. A raw apple takes the longest for a stomach to process, applesauce less time, juice almost no time. An apple’s healthier, more nutrient and fiber loaded, and better for your body than its juice.

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How do you know your blood sugars are low? Did you measure them?

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Fruit juices are terrible contributers to blood sugar. Stay away from them if you have high blood sugar.
Your symptoms could be either high or low blood sugar. Please let us know which you are having trouble with.

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Eat many smaller meals throughout the day.

If you snack, make sure to include protein with it. (Cheese with crackers for example.) A handful of nuts with a piece of fruit.

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Work closely with your doctor and ask for a referral to a nutritionist.

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