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Do you buy your friends' music?

Asked by robmandu (21272points) May 20th, 2008

I’ve got some pals who are musicians. I want them to succeed, but don’t really dig their particular stylings.

And it’s not just them, really. Very few artists make a complete album where I enjoy all of the tracks.

Anyways, it can get expensive over time to buy music just to not listen to it.

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I probably would buy it. I buy a lot of music made by artists from back home (Faroe Islands) more as collectibles than because I’m in to that particular music.
A good few of my albums are just as much for sentimental or novel value as the musical enjoyment.

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I don’t think I would. If I liked it then that’s a different story. You can support them without buying their music. Maybe help them set up at shows? Or sell their merch while they perform?

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I’m a letter carrier and once had the members of a band called “The Groovie Ghoulies” live on my route. I ended up buying one of their albums and found it quite good. You can find them on iTunes. I wouldn’t call the members friends but I tried to spread the word on their music. I guess that’s what I’m kinda doin’ here.

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Absolutely, but I really enjoy my friends’ music, so I’m happy to help out! I do also support them by going to their shows and bringing friends who I think would like them too.

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i do if i like it, i mean, im not supporting bullshit, haha, and im always honest about it, if i don’t like it, i tell them directly

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No, never have. (Most of my friends who are musicians are not terribly talented musicians – don’t tell them I said so!)

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Don’t buy their music but if you want to support them you should recommend it to people you think might like it. Maybe go to some of their shows and just drink heavily.

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Yeah, I have lots of friends who are musicians and they usually give me copies of new releases, or I end up buying them eventually. I love finding their stuff in the heavily discounted bins so I can tell them “hey, I just bought your album for $ 1”.

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If you are not into their music, a nice thing to do is to purchase it anyway and pass it on to someone who might enjoy it. That way you are supporting them twice! :-)

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I would try to buy it if you can financially afford it, they might be offended or upset if you don’t want to help with their music or support it. If you can’t buy it, maybe just tell people about their band?

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u dont need to do that , if i were that musician, i dont think ur helping me ,quite the opposite, that will make the friendship embarrassing.

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Unfortunately, I get all my friends’ rotten music for free. Then I afflict them with mine. It’s like a beautiful karmic circle of pain and suffering, and I love it. More cowbell!

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If I liked the music, then absolutely. If not, and I had the money, I’d still buy it. If not, and I didn’t have the money, I would support them by going to their shows – working at the merch table will get you in for free – and spreading the word around about them. (I’ve done all three of these for various friends’ bands in the past…)

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