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Would you consider eleven hours on the internet a wasted day?

Asked by Aster (20021points) January 14th, 2012

Let’s imagine you’re feeling perfect physically, you recognize it’s gorgeous outside and you do cook dinner but mainly you spend eleven hours on the internet including on Fluther. Would you feel guilty for doing this and regret it and vow not to do it again? Or would you think as long as you’re not in pain or being destructive that it’s not a wasted day?

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Well, I’d want to get out some to enjoy the nice weather and to get some exercise because my body needs it, but other than that, it’s not a wasted day. I believe in making the best choices I can make all the time, and if I choose to spend 11 hours on the internet, then that’s the best thing I can do. I’m not looking back. I’m not second-guessing. I’m living in the moment.

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“Wasting time on the internet” is misnomer.

“Being on the internet” means: chatting with friends, listening to music, learning how to thread a sewing machine, playing a game, watching a movie, finding a recipe of something exotic to make for dinner tonight, etc., etc…

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I would consider it a wasted day. I think watching my mom become so sick she couldn’t get outside makes me realize that the time I have left to enjoy the days are limited. That is not to say that I don’t waste time on the internet, or watching tv or reading inside on a nice day. It’s just that I realize I’m wasting it.

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^ That drives a point home for me.

My mum doesn’t have a computer. She totally doesn’t “get” technology. Anything more complex than an old-fashioned landline telephone and analog dial TV are beyond her ability to use. She struggles to use a microwave oven for sakes. She stays home and watches TV all day. I wish she could use a computer and get online and socialize with people such as here on Fluther, but that’s just so way beyond.

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If you are active most other days, but today just wasn’t feeling right, then you’re entitled to a few lazy days here and there. If you are a home body, then you should go out for a little. Go to the public library and read a book. Go to the mall and window shop.

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Depends on what else I have to do. Also, sometimes you just need a day to do whatever you want so as to recharge from the days when you had to do what everyone else wanted. Those aren’t days wasted.

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It’s a waste if you feel that it’s a waste. It’s not if you don’t.

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@TheInnocentOne I appreciate your ideas but both sound sad and lonely to do by oneself !

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@Aster Then invite some friends over!

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Nope. The Internet often saves my sanity.

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10 years ago everyone sat in front of the TV for stupid amounts of time. The Internet is just replacing that. At least with the Internet people are reading and participating instead of passively watching a box on the wall.

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@TheInnocentOne I would if I felt the need but I’m not feelin it. lol We chat over email a lot. Pathetic, huh?

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Can you choose to do things that are not in your own best interest? Well, your best interest is different depending on what time frame you are looking at. When people say they are wasting time, it usually means they are choosing to do something that offers them a short term benefit, but may not offer them a chance to maximize long term best interest.

If I hang out on the internet now, I can have fun watching a show or talking to friends. If I study, I might get a better grade in the class and I might have a better GPA and I might get a better job and and I might make more money and I might be able to retire sooner or travel more or something else years down the road.

That’s a lot of “mights.” You can be certain you will enjoy your day on the internet. Virtually certain. You can’t have any sort of certainty about your sacrifice of internet time paying off with something a lot more valuable years down the road.

Delaying gratification is a proven way of “getting ahead” in life. If you buy into the notion of getting ahead as accumulating more, fancier stuff. Some people don’t buy into that. Some don’t believe they will actually get anything more useful by delaying gratification. Some choose not to even try. Some think they don’t need to delay gratification in order to do well enough.

For all those people, it isn’t wasting time. It is the best use of time. But we’re used to rewarding delayed gratification so we are prejudiced against doing things that we enjoy when we could be delaying gratification and earning…. whatever people seem to want.

Personally, I think it’s wrong to call it wasting time. I think we need to respect our choices more. For me, it’s not wasting time. It’s doing what I choose to do. I think being on the internet is much more valuable that people give it credit for, too. But that’s another question.

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It depends on what you’re doing! I hate spending hours on the internet, but, for example, my youtube channel was seriously outdated, so I spent the better part of a day recording videos, buffering them, etc. etc. I didn’t want to, but it’s something that needed to be done!

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I would. I have to go outside especially if it’s lovely out. Also, I like to read.

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I’ve done it and I wasn’t guilty but very resentful. I had no car, no job outside of housekeeping, no friends or relatives nearby and my SO was uninterested in going out anywhere. I was so lonely! It at did seem wasteful to me not to be able to enjoy “outside” but I wasn’t comfortable to go out and about alone.

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It is only a waste of time if other, more important tasks are left wanting. If it is balanced with our necessary tasks, and if we really enjoy it, it is not a waste.

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I’d probably feel guilty about it unless there was a very good reason for it such as researching for an important job interview or something.

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Not if you have enjoyed it. I consider nothing wasted that one enjoys doing.

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Sounds normal to me.

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If you enjoy it, then it’s all good. Also nice weather sucks, especially if it’s too hot. In my case anyways. Just do what you wanna. Is it a waste of time to you? If so, check out the crossroads and think about it. If not, then onward ho!

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Nothing to feel guilty about. Who’s judging?

(Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the sun).

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Yes. Especially on a nice day.

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