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What is the most beautiful country in world?

Asked by MarySelvator25 (9points) January 14th, 2012

When you read the question you may well say that your country is the most beautiful ever…..
But I’m not really searching for this answer. I want to know what is the country which really has fantastic places and kind people.
The country which deserve to spend all your money to visit it.

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The United States of America is very beautiful. England, Ireland, France, Scotland, and Chile are all beautiful, too.

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Hmm well beautiful and uniformed are two very different questions. I’d say the United States but every state is virtually it’s own country and has its own “popular” culture. So I’ll pick something smaller and more uniform throughout New Zealand.

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My country, the Netherlands.
It has a few beautiful places, and a few kind people.

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Germany vote x 2.

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I’m not saying the USA because I’m from here but it has everything and I feel like it’s gotta be the most well rounded. Beautiful mountains, gorgeous expansive red desert, rolling farmland and forested green hills, swamps, islands, beautiful clear beaches, rocky shores, vast open nothingness…

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A toss up here between Jamaica and Italy. Both countries are georgeous.

One sells pot and the other manufatures wine from heaven.

The scenery and people of both are friendly and the scenic views of both are breathtaking.

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Switzerland. Western Canada. Probably many other places.

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Depends on what kind of beauty you are looking for. I have found beauty in some of the places where the natives were trying to kill me.

Alaska, Ireland, Kashmir, Ghana, Fiji all have their good points.

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Malaysia. It’s got mountains, jungles, beaches, and perfect weather.

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Are people really saying the USA? My vote goes to Scotland, which is why I’m moving from the former to the latter in a week!

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@sliceswiththings Have you been there in the winter?

The USA is very beautiful and with real variety, but I am surprised that no one has said Canada, which has breathtaking mountains and rivers and lakes and beaches.

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There are a lot of beautiful places in the US. Although, Russia!

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@sliceswiththings Yes. I’m sure it’s beautiful, but are you really trying to say that all this isn’t?

Yeah, too many Americans are greedy and fat and with no regard for their surroundings or their beautiful country, but not everyone is like that. You can’t dwell on the negative, or it would suck to live here. I also don’t think that America “on the beaten path” is the most beautiful country in the world. You have to get off the interstate and get into the nitty gritty of it. All those pictures above aren’t just shit everybody has seen or even knows exists, or cares about really. :( But it’s all here. And it’s all fucking gorgeous. And I don’t know what else you could want. GO AMERICA! Fist pump. I’m just kidding. BUT SERIOUS ABOUT THE BEAUTY.


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Brazil is beautiful, has fantastic places and the kindest of people – In my personal experience nothing tops Brazil for its people.

That said, everyone I know that ever visits New Zealand says the same of that country.

Scotland is absolutely beautiful, but, in my experience, the people’s friendliness does not match that of Brazil.

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I would say… including Nations, that are members of Unions: California and Scotland. In case of Sotland they have two Unions to deal with: UK and EU.

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I have never been to a country that didn’t have painfully beautiful places and some pretty damned ugly ones as well. That includes all of those mentioned above. And the same goes for the people who reside there.

How can it be that no one has mentioned Australia. Kinder climate than NZ, not as many earthquakes nor radical greens.

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When you think of the variety of topography in the U.S. it may be the most beautiful, but on the kindness of its people? I don’t think so. I think, for me, Greece wins that one.

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@Wundy Sorry, it was hidden in the “folds” of your answer. Also, you only mentioned Western Canada. I think the whole country is breathtaking.

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I am partial to Switzerland.

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Well I’ve only been to eight countries, so my answer may be limited…but I’m gonna go with Italy.

I’ve been there twice (total of 5 weeks). Everyone we met was very friendly and helpful. The food is amazing. The history and art is gorgeous and the landscapes are breathtaking. I’m particularly partial to the northern areas.

My goal is to live there someday.

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I’m pretty happy to say England or Scotland.

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Wow! That would be hard to say. So many countries have something that is unique to them and makes them special. Without seeing the whole world, I couldn’t possibly comment. Hawaii has beautiful beaches and mountains. Then there is Niagra Falls, Grand Canyons, Alaska, Country side in France, Mt Fuji in Japan, I’ve heard the Netherlands is beautiful country too. But everyplace has their good and thier bad.

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My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Italy last year. It is the most beautiful country we’ve been to. We Traveled from southern through Northern Italy and everywhere we went was beautiful. So much history, culture, architecture, the arts, food, wine, we can’t wait to go back.

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French countryside was nice; Baumholder, Germany was nice but also a bit dreary; Korean Countryside is nice but perhaps too friendly (makes my cheeks hurt just thinking about it, and not butt cheeks you perverts :P). The US has parts.

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I’ve been from one end of my country to the other, the best is in-between. I loved Montreal when I visited and wish I could take a train tour of Canada.

I’ve only ever read about the other countries in the world. Mexico has some great places, South America has some lovely sights, both have perhaps to much overt and covert corruption, I would be fearful of visiting them.

I love reading about England and Scotland. Ireland as a land has much to offer, the people not so much. Any country in Europe offers something spectacular and I’m sure if you mention that you aren’t staying forever, they will treat you kindly. The continent of Asia offers some of the most interesting places yet to be documented, and many that have some of the kindest people in the world. What I’ve read about Australia, so much in such a small area, and the people can be interesting, some must be kind. New Zealand has much to fascinate, but they may a bit put upon right now, then again they might want visitors. African countries offer jungle or desert or temperate and geographic configurations that astound. My niece is aiming to get to Africa and not come back.

I’m past my adventure stage. I don’t want to be caught outside my home country, but then I’m not sure it’s safe to live here either. I know the people here can be generous, though I think they don’t understand what the word kind means anymore.

But if I could spend all my money and go just one place, it would have to be some island nation that believes in a slow and languid lifestyle, where people smile at each other when they meet, food is available to anyone who harvests it, everyone pitches in when needed and strangers are welcomed with information about when to participate, how to do it and other social niceties that allow for getting along. This would be the kindness I would be looking for.

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@DaphneT let me assure you, NZ welcomes as many tourists as it can get and there is very definitely much to do and see over here/down here, it is a very beautiful country I may be biased of course but it truly is.

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@deni I can’t believe you didn’t have a picture of Yosemite in there.

I’ve been all over the world and I still think Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in the world, if not, the most.

Still, if I had to choose a country other than my own, I’d have to say Spain.

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I must vote for New Zealand. Absolutely the most beautiful place in the world in my humble opinion and sheep outnumber people there. The people that are there are very peaceful and friendly so far as I can tell.
Runners up:
– The Tuscany region in Italy (beautiful wine country, friendly people)
– The lakes region in Bavaria in Germany (beautiful, mountainous, excellent drivers..some friendly people, lots of wonderful beer)
– Rural Japan (Miyazaki, Oita, Kumamoto prefectures, for example) – super friendly people, beautiful lush green mountainous countryside with hot springs and lovely beaches

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I think every country on this planet has the most amazing places that leave you breathless, there is no question of competition but since you ask, I’ve seen amazing scenery in South Africa and in Greece.

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I haven’t been to every country in the world but of the ones I have been to Scotland is the most beautiful (in my opinion) followed by, what I have seen of America.

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@DominicX Oh I was going to put one! Then I assumed everyone already knew how beautiful it was!

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Ireland, Scotland, and Canada is truly remarkable with the way the landscape definitely shifts in a most delightful and gorgeous way from province to province. If you don’t travel Canada physically I recommend one of the air videos that are on the market, money well spent for the joy it floods you with, “eh?”

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Austria (really, everything around the Alps – living in Missouri makes me miss my Dolomites), and Italy.

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Another vote for New Zealand. Earthquakes don’t make it an ugly place. It’s the buildings that fall down in an Earthquake that make it ugly.

New Zealand has everything. I lived there for 15 years and never EVER tired of the scenery or climate or what it had to offer.

Norway is very beautiful as well, but the latitude makes it difficult.

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USA> Key West!

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Kansas of course…

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I suspect that within the U. S. we can find anything you would see in any other country.

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@YARNLADY America doesn’t have fjords. Slartibartfast got an award for the fjords in Norway. No mention of any awards for the North American Continent. New Zealand also has fjords. I’m sorry I am laughing at your answer if you didn’t mean it to be funny.

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There are fjords in Washington and Alaska.

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Does America have a great wall of China? I’m led to believe that that is a most beautiful sight, whether viewed up close or from space… China could certainly be on the list.

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@rooeytoo are those fjords? Oh,... just not award winning ones. ps It was a joke. (a short video showing how pretty Norway is.)

Not many people come here for tourism. It is just too damned expensive.

New Zealand is still the most beautiful place I know. They have everything and nothing is farther than a day or two┬┤s drive. You can ski on a volcano in the morning and go surfing on the beach later in the afternoon. Desert, tropical rainforest, fjords, sandy beaches by the hundreds, hot springs, world-class theater, food, and the people, most of all, are amazing. They find out you are on your own traveling and you are soon taken in and welcomed to bbqs, hangis. It is a great laid-back place. I was on my own for Christmas one year, but a ‘new friend’ wouldn’t see of it (I tried to offer help at a volunteer place to, you know, feed the hungry and homeless, like the stupid naive American girl I was. The agency I called said there was no need for that, but she ended up feeling sorry for me, she invited me to her Christmas..LOL)

THAT would never happen in Norway. No way no how. I WAS on my own a few years ago, with my son, for Christmas and there was nothing.. not a peep, from anyone and at least a dozen people knew.

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@cazzie My answer was sincere, but you are welcome to laugh if you want. I accept the challenge, and yes, the U. S. has fjords

@harple The great wall of China in no way qualifies China as a beautiful country – do they have anything like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone? However, I will grant that China is beautiful and gigantic, with perhaps as much beauty as the U. S.

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@cazzie – guess it depends on who is giving out the awards! And no I didn’t realize it was a joke based on the rest of the comment. I thought it was just another instance of your usual anti-american sentiments.

The great wall is not a natural occurrence, so I don’t think that counts.

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Ok, so we don’t have the Alps or the Himalayas, but how high does a mountain have to be to be beautiful?”

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@rooeytoo On that basis we would have to ignore the pyramids when considering Egypt’s beauty, Stonehenge when considering England’s, the canals of Venice… Surely man-made creations can still add to a place’s beauty?

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@harple – that is my interpretation of the question, when one refers to the beauty of a country and its people, I assume we are talking about natural beauty, not man made. If the op means man made then Disney land is a pretty spectacular sight and accomplishment.

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I’m not anti-American. I would be anti-myself then. I’m anti-American ignorance & bias.

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I’m anti anyone’s ignorance & bias, yanks don’t have that market cornered.

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Have you ever visit Algeria .It’s asplendid country . Tell me what do you think about it?

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Scotland is beautiful.

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