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What is the best choice?

Asked by Markos (73points) May 20th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m planning to buy a 32” LCD tv. Which one do you prefer based on performance, quality and value? Vizio vw32l or a Sony Bravia 32” for $100 more?

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Sony! I love my Sony!

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The Bravia.

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According to Consumer Reports, Sony LCD sets have consistently been among the best performers in their tests.

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The Bravia edges out the Vizio on as well. 7.0 to 6.6.

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the thing us that I dont want to be lure just by the brand. I have read that the vizio is a very good tv and it has great customers reviews as Sony do. Its Bravia really better and worth all the fuss or its just good promotion? The tech specs dont differ that much…..

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You’re right, and if they seem similar enough then I’d just go with your gut.

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