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Do you like being fooled in some circumstances and not others?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) January 15th, 2012

If a woman colors her hair or puts on makeup, do you prefer that to seeing her as she naturally is? Is that fooling you into thinking she is something other than what she is? If a man shaves his head bald instead of showing some hair wherever it still grows, do you prefer that to seeing what his hair pattern really is? Is that fooling you or is it something else?

If a woman pretends she loves you while she is busy having an affair with another man, do you prefer that? Or do you want to see her as she really is? This may seem like an obvious question, but please take it seriously and try to get into clear reasons: how is this kind of fooling or deceit different from the kind of deceit involved in hair coloring and other techniques to disguise the natural looks of your head or face?

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As a guy, I don’t care if she wears makeup, colors her hair, wears sexy “Come and Get Me” perfume, gets a butt lift or a boob job. They only thing that counts is my THR, Total Hormonal Response.

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I am a man, too and I don’t care about her physical makeup with cosmetics and hair color. Whatever makes her feel good. I believe that physical beauty should be left alone in a woman. If her face needs nothing aritifical, then let it be.

I am a man, too and I do care about her cheating. This is and never will be acceptable for either person in a marriage or a strong relationship. It’s about committment to each other.

And as far as a man’s hair goes, to me, it’s “whatever floats his boat”.

To some women, bald is beautiful.

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I had a male friend who said as long as it didn’t come off in his mouth, a woman could do what she wants to her body.

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I don’t think men are idiots (I know, that’s a dramatic confession) so I doubt any of them are surprised to learn women are using makeup or have had enhancements, either temporary or permanent. Lying (including cheating) is deliberately causing someone to believe that which is untrue. Huge difference.

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There is fooling and then there is fooling. Some of your examples are more enhancements than fooling. Everyone can see if I am wearing makeup or if I decide to colour my hair. Those are superficial things so they don’t bother me.

Cheating is another realm altogether. That is someone being deceitful to attract someone else and then going out to establish a relationship with that person. Not cool to me.

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Well, whatever people do to themselves…that is how they are, given their interaction with their environment (which is what society is a part of, what with its make up and razors and tattoo ink). There are some people who do not like who they are or who pretend to be something else that they are but that, too, speaks to who they are. I care much more about philosophical fake-outs than physical ones.

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