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How can i change the standard program for pdfs in safari?

Asked by unddiefliege (115points) May 20th, 2008

i installed CS3 trial version, but without the so slow acrobat reader. now i cant view pdfs in safari, because he keeps on asking for the location of my acrobat reader…

where can i change the settings to the standard programm “preview”?

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Download and install Go to System Preferences, Default Apps (if not already opened), click on the tab Extensions, go to PDF, and select Preview in the box on the right.

See this screen:

Hope that helps!

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thanx – but i dont have “default apps in my system preferences…?

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“Get Info” on a PDF file and point always open with to Preview.

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oh, sorry, misunderstood… comes from a stressy lifestyle ;)

is there another way too?

thanx, mario

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John Powell is right too. Right click on any PDF file you have in your computer, select Get Info, select in that window: “Always open with”, and select Preview in the box.

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See this image to see how to set it. And yeah. It is a PNG but it works the same for a PDF.

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@john: did you see my friend-request on facebook?

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“Right click on any PDF file you have in your computer, select Get Info, select in that window: “Always open with”, and select Preview in the box.”

did that already – won’t help…

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Then try my method. See if that helps.

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Did you hit the “Change All” button.

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@ john: yeah,i did. thanks!
@davey: i will, thanks!

fluther is great, isn’t it?

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Sure it is. :)

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I just saw the email. I will add you. I don’t really use it but I will add you.

And there were some skanky girls that want to be my friend. I will add them and fuck with them. I don’t know who they are. And I am not talking about Nikipedia.


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Also, if you want PDFs to open using Safari’s plugin as opposed to Adobe’s bloated PDF reader plugin, changes the setting in Acrobat Pro’s preferences to use Safari’s plugin.

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There’s also MisFox, which basically does the same thing (ie. allows you to select your preferences for default apps, file mappings and protocol helpers), albeit to a slightly more detailed degree.

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