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Should I study abroad in Sydney, Australia?

Asked by SouthernBelle16 (49points) January 15th, 2012 from iPhone
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Always study abroad, always.

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What are your other options? Study Abroad is a great time to learn a new culture, study a new language, etc. Definitely go abroad, but I would personally encourage you to try someplace with a more different culture and language.

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In a global economy an experience such as “Study Abroad” can make a big difference in broadening your exposure and knowledge as to how business/industry works outside of the US. The contacts you make can be invaluable, and the opportunity for personal growth and learning can be memorable. I haven’t been to Australia but friends who have loved it. Good luck.

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It sounds like a potentially great experience, I’d say shoot for it.

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If you can, do it.

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It depends.
Where do you live now?
How much will it cost?
Will it delay your education?
Will it significantly benefit you professionally?

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Helll yes, Australia is a wonderful place to be!

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