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Can anyone ask for a reward from the police department?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) January 15th, 2012

Say you know of a constant criminal offense involving illegal software distribution. Can one barter with the police department and ask for a reward?

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No. And if you know of a crime but don’t report it you are abetting a criminal operation.

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You could call a general crimeline that offers rewards for information that leads to solving crimes.

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One could always ask.
But I doubt you will receive something.
It is like attend the police about people speeding on a certain road.
They already know that that happens as is everybody else, so it is no news to them.

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You could ask for a “reward” for NOT reporting them.

But that would make you a criminal, too.

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No bartering with the police. But, you can call CrimeStoppers and give this information. If an arrest and conviction is made, then, you might receive a cash reward.

The police always need criminal activity information. Without it, the police could not function.

Make the call to CrimeStoppers.

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@john65pennington Would I have to testify against the accused?

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I rather doubt the police would care very much about illegal software. Not only would you not get a reward, you would be lucky to even get anyone to take a report.

With the cuts in the numbers of police officers and funding, they focus on violent crimes, robberies, personal assaults and massive amounts of stolen goods being sold.

Someone distributing illegal software is pretty far down on their list of crimes to be concerned with, so I doubt your telling on these people is even going to result in an arrest, much less you getting a reward.

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@john65pennington I was sold illegal software. He told me it was an original CD key and password. It works fine on my computer. But one only gets so many CD keys (3) per purchase of this 160$ value software. This cat has been selling it on a free forum site for over 6 months now. That’s how I know it’s stolen because there’s a set price and I thought I got a legit copy, so isn’t this in fact a crime?

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Auhsoisa, your first contact should be with the owners of the software. Most are more than willing to prosecute. They have investigators that handle fraud and theft. I have been in on raids where people were arrested for downloading and stealing and selling illegaly-obtained music. Once you contact the owners, they will meet with you and take it from there. Your fraud software will probably be used as evidence to obtain warrants.

Contact the owners first and see what happens. Since this software is capable of worldwide connections, it more than likely will be a federal case, rather than a state case. jp

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Um, so you bought software from a total stranger on a free forum site, and you expected it to be legit? Trying to save a few dollars cost you a lot, and now you are mad and trying to get a reward from turning him in.

I suggest you post at the site that he is using for this scam, and cut off his source of income. But I have to tell you that you do not stand a chance of getting him arrested, or getting a reward. This is a case of you getting what you paid for. It’s an internet scam, and people get scammed on the internet hundreds of times every day.

Suck it up, be more careful next time, and move on.

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@Eureka Go pester elsewhere, who are you to judge? Stop pretending to know the whole situation please.

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@auhsojsa Wait, you don’t have a problem with the software, why do you think this is a scam? Just because he is still selling software? How do you know he is not selling additional valid copies? He may have bought in bulk from the original company.

Sounds like a legit business to me.

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@zenvelo Deductive reasoning. Since I had already invested time to meet him in person and drive some miles to meet up I wasn’t going to back out on the sale. Originally through e-mail and phone we had come to the conclusion I was buying his last CD Key, from a valid box he bought. As soon as I pulled up and met him at a Carls Jr. he’s on the phone telling someone he’ll be over in an hour to meet up. (1#?) Then he gets off the phone, and pulls out the copy CD burnt. I thought I was receiving the original CD as well but he just attached a printed out CD Key to the burnt disc. Then he says, “I have the original CD at home but that’ll cost 80$” so I said no way and got mine for 20$. He continues and gives strict direction. Not to give the CD to anyone else or it will screw up his version at his house, but really that wouldn’t happen. Instead anyone I give the CD to, if it were a legit copy, it just wouldn’t register all the way and a window would pop up saying Key is in use. My number two reason is that he’s using the same slogan on his recent ads. “Last CD Key”. Plus when you install there is a skull icon and not the traditional software icon. For me it’s obvious he runs a bootleg himself and has a key generator. Anyhow I’ve already received the answer I was curious about pertaining to the OP

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