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How do I make FireFox/Chrome refresh page IN FULL without clearing cache?

Asked by fluthercensors (23points) January 15th, 2012

CTRL-F5 doesn’t work. For instance if there is a favicon and I delete it from the server it still displays even after restarting server and hitting CTRL-F5. If I access from another machine it doesn’t appear.

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Hi @fluthercensors, welcome to Fluther!

Shift + F5 in Chrome?
It’s supposed to work

From Google support:
Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 Reloads your current page, ignoring cached content.

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I have instructions for clearing the cache on all the major browsers on one of my sites, but it’s a porn site, so I don’t dare link to it from here :-p

PM me if you want the instructions…

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I use CTRL (CMD) + R and hit it a couple times in a row to get a real refresh. The problem you are facing might be a little different as I have noticed favicons somehow get special treatment; they seam to stick around even after the page has clearly been refreshed. And I’m almost positive there is a bug in Chrome that causes the favicon of the redirector to be displayed in the redirectee site if the redirectee does not specify an favicon.

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I just go into my history and clear the specific site I want to freshen. I like to keep my history. It helps me get back to things I want.

Sometimes when I am working on a website and I make a lot of changes and upload them over a short period of time my browser [FF] really gets confused so I just call up the listings for that particular site in my ‘show all history’ search panel and wipe them out.

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