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Issues with the freeware game Nexuiz, and just pc games in general?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) May 20th, 2008

I’ve never been into playing PC games, and I just downloarded Nexuiz off of apple’s website, (and it’s awesome, let’s just get that out of the way), but when I open it and play, I can’t figure out how to do anything outside of the nexuiz application, let alone, actually quit the game, except by using option/command/delete to force quit, which i’m sure i shouldn’t have to.

also, I see those pc controllers with joysticks that look like console controllers, can you use them on any game, or just certain ones?

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Have you tried hitting the “ESC” key to quit or bring up a menu? I haven’t played the game but the ESC key usually brings up a way to quit.

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it brings up a big menu (a bunch of which is techy mumbo jumbo i can’t understand), but i couldn’t figure out a way to quit, no.

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I am downloading and will take a look. It is rather large so it might be a while.

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aw, thanks.

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When you are playing hit the ESC key. That will bring up a window with a gold bar on top. Click the X at the right end of the gold bar. In the next screen you will see an option to quit on the lower right of the screen.

And damn you.. I am probably going to waste the rest of my day playing this.

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lol, thanks so much. i know, i need to clean my house, i was just looking for a little something to pass time in my general ed classes, but i can’t stop.

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also, i’m playing on a widescreen macbook, that’s why i didn’t see it, i’m not just blind :) only a sliver at the top of the button is visible

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Yeah it looks like the game is open source and runs on every major operating system. That usually equals insanely bad menus. I found them ugly and confusing. But it is a fun game. And I don’t normally play First Person Shooters. I’m more of a Warcraft II guy.

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Uh oh, now I have to look at Nexuiz

I don’t know about those game controllers or Apple controllers, but I’d imagine you can probably configure them for most games that use other controllers… er, though if you’re non-technical, it might be frustrating to figure out how.

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So those of you that have played it, can you tell me what it’s like? Looking for something to get my mind off reality for now.

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it’s fun if you like pc games, and it’s free, and supports online multiplayer and what not.

it’s fricken hard though.

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I love PC games, I was asking in terms of what is it like? Is it a strategy game, a shoot-em-up, a space sim? What’s great about it? What are its weaknesses? What other games did it remind you of?

I have a problem downloading so I’d only do it if something is really worth it. My connection is slightly faster than a dial-up.

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doom-ish? fps, crazy space guns, played in outer space, and i think everyone are sort of different colored monsters. very fast-paced, with lots of jumping. i don’t play pc games, so i can’t compare it to much.

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OK, so I have been at this game about a week. I am a Linux user so some of thes controls may be different. This is probably the only Time I will even look at this page, so don’t try to ask me any questions. When you are having a problem exiting the program hold shift and press escape, this should bring up your command console. simply Type quit and poof it should quit without being harsh on your processor. As of for my review; THIS GAME IS THE BEST OPEN SOURCE FPS I HAVE FOUND YET. Alien Arena was OK, but being able to mod and edit what ever the hell I want easily is awesome, this game is perfect for anyone that has an idea of how to get commands on their own, that wants to make their own style FPS. You can literally make ANY kind of FPS shooter you want, it just takes a lot of knowledge. For people just starting their map making moding hobby, this game already has a smooth engine (doesn’t bug out), characters, and texture maps are already taken care of, so all you have to do is make maps, and modify content, it is freakin awesome. For a complete list of interface commands for this game go to; you can do pretty much anything you can think of (that is important, it is missing a lot a functions that I would like to see, but I am still very impressed). Don’t open a server game with god mode activated please. Use these tools that I have just given you to help contribute to the open source world, not to be cheap, and create advantages only for yourself.

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