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Suppose that scientists came with indisputable evidence that God exists. Would you, being a non-believer, change your mind and 'convert' to being a believer?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) January 15th, 2012

Edit: The indisputable evidence is in the same league as let us say, the fact that liquid water is wet.
The same question for present day believers: now suppose the same scientists’ indisputable evidence said that God does not exists; would that be reason for you to quit believing in (your) God?
You may ask me what that evidence might consist of, but I don’t know. Just play along (if you want).

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If the evidence is truly indisputable, then yes, I’m not going to dispute the indisputable evidence.

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Absolutely I would “convert” to atheism in such a situation. Of course, it will never happen so.. it’s a moot point.

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Of course. I wouldn’t argue with what is fact.

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Yeah. The only reason I don’t believe in god(s) is because I don’t see any evidence. It’s not like I have a grudge or an emotional reason to not believe, if there was solid evidence.. why wouldn’t I believe?

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Do you want to know how you can make a million dollars and not pay any taxes? First….you make a million dollars. —Steve Martin

First, show us the indisputable evidence…

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I would “convert”, but depending on his/her rules, I wouldn’t obey.

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Yeah, sure. Although there wouldn’t be any converting, since this god would have been there the whole time. If this thing wanted me to convert to whatever it is I would be converting to, it would have to give me a good reason to.

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The thing about indisputable evidence is that it’s indisputable.
It’s not like there would be any options left.

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Well, @ninjacolin, there is @Michael_Huntington‘s option.
Which I tend to lean to, in case it was a fact.

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hmm.. Seems like there’s potential for a stronger question somehow.
but yea.. if there’s proof he exists, that’s one thing. If there’s proof that he has useful demands/expectations for us, that’s another.

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I believe in the facts so yes… But the fact is, I don’t have to like or worship the facts in order to believe them.

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What’s wid all dem religious questions lately? ’‘scratches noggin’’

Well I guess if that happened, I’d have no choice but to believe in God. I don’t think I’d want to worship him though, unless he truly is benevolent, and not like organized religion seems to paint him.

That’s easy to say though…it would be pretty hard arguing against God and telling him to shove it. I mean, to God I’d just be an ant. Man, so I’m an ant…that’s depressing. It would also be especially hard to not follow if the only outcome for not converting would be to go to Hell.

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Meh, I’d bet that “God” is merely a highly evolved being. In which case we just need to spur on our advancements to overcome such a being in the constant strive to get closer to ubermensch.

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@King_Pariah That sounds like a lot of RPG’s I played. Murdering God. Lol. Good point though. If there is a god, it probably is something just really developed, at least in the ways we understand it.

Reminds me of Stephen King’s IT, where Pennywise is a cthulhu like being called a glamour or a fortuna…and it has parents.

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I wouldn’t need to believe. The evidence would support the theory very well.

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Of course I’d believe in a god if we found indisputable evidence that there was one. I’d have to be a fool not to.

I’d probably not worship it, however.

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It would be an I told you so moment for me

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It would be interesting to see the responses to the reverse of this question, “Suppose that scientists came with indisputable evidence that God does not exist. Would you, being a believer, change your mind and ‘convert’ to being a nonbeliever?”

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@chyna I was going to see if the OP wanted to ask it himself, since he asked to original.

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I was thinking this question too except I was thinking, “what if the evidence was as indisputable as global warming.”

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Sure, I’d believe in God. I wouldn’t necessarily worship him, but I’m not going to ignore solid evidence.

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The OP did ask the reverse question, in the details above. =)

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Of course. THe only reason I do not believe there is a god is that there is no evidence suggesting there is.

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I wouldn’t believe it anyway – simply because I don’t “believe” anything. Belief is an unnecessary position to take. If scientists proved god existed then the probability of god’s existence would go from less than 1% to 99.999%

Atheists are more likely to accept the existence of god than theists are to deny the existence of god if science proved one or the other. Religious people simply don’t like facts. “The Bible Says It, I Believe It, That settles It”. Most of them are delusional deniers.

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In the face of solid evidence, I would certainly acknowledge that a god exists. How could I not? I don’t really think conversion is the right word, though. It would just be new knowledge, replacing incorrect knowledge. Sort of like realizing you’d been misspelling a word for years, but now you know better and will spell it correctly from here on out. I would realize I’d been mistaken, and would be happy to have my mistake corrected.

While I’d be thankful to such a being for giving my world its beginning, I wouldn’t necessarily worship it. The god that is proven to exist may well have no strings attached. It might be that this god is basically an inventor, or an artist, and one of the things it created just happens to be our world. I don’t think such a god would require, expect, need, or even want its creations to worship it.

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Yes. However, I would not worship that god, regardless of whether or not I accept its existence.

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If it was proven without a doubt that God didn’t exist then I would have to accept it. I’m not sure how my heart would adapt to such a change in thought process but I would have no choice. I’m sure a part of me would believe there was something more but in my mind it’s like a painful breakup. You don’t want to believe it’s over but you have to accept it in order to get on with your life.

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This thread really goes to show that the burden of proof is on God. Humans are willing to believe anything convincing. So if you have something good to offer, convince us, damnit!

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I agree with @ninjacolin. Really, like do something convincing God. A virgin birth or raise someone from the dead or walk on water or something like that.

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@bkcunningham I think he meant something that could actually happen.

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Anything really. As long as it was believable/convincing.
Every day companies get me to buy their shit on tv. You’re telling me god has less persuasive power than mcdonalds?

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