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Can you help me find this singer using very little information?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) January 15th, 2012

A few years ago I saw a man singing on TV. I always want to look up names like “Jason Mraz” or “James Blunt” when I try to find him, so I think his name may start with a J… or he may have a similar sounding music style.
I am fairly sure it was Letterman’s show, but not positive. He played the piano, not a guitar, and was wearing a hat like this. The song that he sang was a cover, but I did not know the song… only that I liked his interpretation.

I know the odds of anyone knowing what I’m talking about are very slim, but, I’ve seen stranger things happen here. Any ideas?

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I’m pretty sure he was also wearing tight fitting jeans and a white shirt. I’m really looking for the clip from the show, more than the singer… but anything would be cool.

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Was he bearded?

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@auhsojsa not in the clip that I saw, no. He may have been scruffy, but no beard.

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Can you remember the timeline of when you saw it?

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Not really, no. It’s been a long time. Probably 2–3 years ago, at least.

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Daniel Powter? The guy who sang, “Bad Day.”

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If you know a snippet of the lyrics, you could google those lyrics to get the title of the song. Then look up that song title on YouTube. There’s a good chance that clip from Letterman is amongst them. Then, armed with the song title and singer, go to Amazon to buy the MP3…

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Damien Rice? James Morrison? Gavin DeGraw, Jack Johnson? David Gray?

Gilbert O’Sullivan?

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I don’t know the lyrics. I don’t even remember the song, I barely remember the performance… only that I really liked it.
I’m checking all of these suggestions, though. :)

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Oh!! Gavin DeGraw. That’s his face, I recognize him. Does he play the piano? Does he have any popular cover songs?
Woo, I can’t believe how fast that was. I have been trying to figure this out for a long time. Nicely done, @rebbel!

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Holy crap. Fluther is amazing.
@everephebe nailed it. Thank you!!
Apparently, I was completely wrong about what he was wearing. :) Is this even a cover?

It’s incredible that not only did I give wrong information, but, you found it so quickly. <3 jellies.

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Well once I had a name it was easy. :D
He does wear white t-shirts and that hat though… I’ll keep looking.

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This might not be the song. Maybe I have confused my brain. This is definitely the artist, though.
Either way, YAY.

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No, this is not the song. :( I just know this song from the radio. Maybe I have the wrong show.

Why is he so attractive? Holy shit, I can never forget this name again.

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Nope, that’s not it, either.
I’m having trouble finding anything about songs that he has covered. When I Google, it just gives me people covering his songs. I want to say that I specifically remember him saying it was a cover, which is the only reason I knew that.
I am probably wrong about all of this. :\

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Well, I’m going to need a few more details to get anything more for ya – but happy hunting.

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Thanks for trying. :)
I feel like I am on the right track, now, at least.

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Well, my guess was wrong! But for a scruffy guy who plays piano and wears a hat like that you could do worse than Patrick Watson!

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