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What time period do you think had the sexiest fashions and trends?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) January 15th, 2012

The fifties, maybe? Men in snazzy suits, the ever so popular pin up girl. The sixties with their bellbottoms and fluffy hair. Disco and afros? The eighties with neon colors and workout tights? The nineties? Right now?

I named some extremely stereotypical examples, so don’t limit yourself to those. Just say what time period has your favorite sexually alluring and provocative fashion sense, and what the latter is in particular. It can also come from a time period you weren’t born in.

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The future, on board the Starship Enterprise.

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@HungryGuy Not something I can argue. ^^

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The 1920’s for me. Yes, a lot more was covered up.. which quite possibly meant that people had to have sexy personalities, rather than just using their bodies.

If we’re going with just physical sexiness than I think we’re all over that in this generation. Nowadays there is clothing that can accentuate, hide, flatter, or embellish all the parts of the body.. making it possible for almost anyone to look sexy.

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@digitalimpression Yes, a lot more was covered up.. which quite possibly meant that people had to have sexy personalities, rather than just using their bodies. Excellent point.

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The women in the 1930’s screwball comedies, all wearing beautiful gowns and satin robes are some of the sexiest for me. And the men all dressed well, even a punk gangster wore a stylish coat and tie and hat.

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You can’t beat the folksy, noncommercialized styles of 1 million BC. ;-p.

Even though I was just a kid back then, there was something about the Pleisto scene fashions that just turned me on!

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The 60s.

Girls had really sexy hairstyles.

Girls wore skirts that hit just above the knee. This was just enough to make a mans imagination go wild, wondering what the rest looked like. Especially if the girl had pretty legs. Always leave something to a mans imagination.

Skinny ties for men were okay. They seemed to have taken about 10 pounds off my total weight and that was a good thing.

Skinny, tight-fitting jeans ruined a lot of guys in the family jewel department.

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@zenvelo Yeah, snazzy gangsters and their girls. I always thought that had a lot of style.

@Brian1946 You’re one old mutha…XD Classic cave women pinups, haha. They sure had awesome hair back then, for some reason.

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I’m thinking wild west. Cowboys. Mmm cowboys. And guns. HOLSTERS. Chaps. Cowboy boots. Horses.

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I always think the current era is the sexiest.

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I love the 70’s revival stuff from current fashion. It has the 70’s aesthetic without the polyester and the tackiness. To me it is very earthy and sexy .

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A sexist male viewpoint: A woman with class and style looks sexy in any era.

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Ancient Greece. Hubba hubba hubba

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@King_Pariah Xena and Gabrielle. Tell me about it! :D

Also, Aries. Maaan…:D

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The 20’s. Flappers rule!

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@filmfann I think I just flabbergated.

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Rhett and Scarlett… Antebellum. Except hoop skirts were deadly.

Or Medieval.

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@linguaphile I love Gone with the Wind. Kick ass book. :)

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The 1970s and 1980s because 1) Women felt liberated to dress sexy and 2) after about the 1980s until today, people in general sure appear less sexy looking – especially younger people.
Today women in their 40s and 50s (the 20s in the 1970s and 1980s) are often hotter than their 20 year old daughters. Often I will see some hot mom in her late 40s or 50s walking next to her grungy 22 year old daughter who doesn’t work out, plays video games, eats too much pizza, etc. The mom was into the fitness/aerobics movements of the 1980s and stuck with it.

Remember those TIGHT Dittos Jeans posters ? Now those were sexy.

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I’m going to go with the 60’s.

Check out these folks.

Peter Tork (Gorgeous hair, including awesome sideburns, cool clothes, hand made jewelry)

Michelle Phillips(Stunning and naturally beautiful)

John Astin and Carolyn Jones (Might be the sexiest couple on TV)

That Girl

Cat Woman

These 2 Space Travelers

And This One


And More Magic

Or These Spys

These 2 Island Girls

And don’t forget about These Lads

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You could not beat the confident yet feminine hair and clothing the women of the 1940’s films sported, before the 1950s house dress vogued.

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I love clothes from the 1940s.

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@Symbeline ”@King_Pariah Xena and Gabrielle. Tell me about it! :D”

Of course the costumery there is about as representative of ancient Freece as the stories were of ancient history…

It’s true I’m no fun. You should just try watching a vaguely medieval movie with me. I will tell you in excruciating detail the basis and conduct of trial by combat and just how wrong they got it.

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I love the pre-raphaelite look and would have loved to have been part of that movement. The women had floaty dresses and floaty red curly hair, and were pretty liberated

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@Kardamom Holy crap, Michelle Phillips has gorgeous hair. And yeah, John Astin and Carolyn Jones, one of the sexiest couples ever. Good picks. I love the spies, too.

@fundevogel Ha don’t worry, I’m aware that Xena is a bs representation of what ancient Greece was actually like lol. All I wonder is if everyone back then really all had names that sound like an STD. XD

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The 20’s. I like that women were still curvy, and the fashion was tumultuous – shorn hair, lipstick, etc., girly but with elements of masculinity.

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Women Late 70’s- early 80’s. I remember the gorgeous body draping things my grandma had in lux fabrics. Candies brand made sexy shoes and sandals.

Men Late 50’s- early 60’s. I loved looking at pics of my grandpa in suits and super neatened hair.

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Here is a very cool picture of some 1920’s era ladies. I’m imagining them to be some of us gals. So there’s me and @Neizvestnaya and @Symbeline, and @linguaphile and @fundevogel!

The Jelly-ettes out on the town!

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fizzbanger I love the twenties very much but the ideal then was not curvy it was boyish. Women wore straight shapeless dresses (albeit very chic) and actually used to tape their breasts to flatten them!

“As waistlines dropped to the hip, the ideal look became “boyish”—curves were totally obscured. Well endowed women often taped their breasts down to achieve this look.”

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@Kardamom Haha, cool picture. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with us. ^^

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@Kardamom: excellent! We look marvelous.

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I just bought a really cool twenties look hat! I don’t have the right coat to go with it though..:(

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@Earthgirl Ha, cool. What does the hat look like?

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I’m quite partial to era’s of men’s fashion when men wore vests, hats and dashing facial hair. But I’m satisfied that a bit of that is creeping backing today’s men’s fashion, or a subset of it at least.

As for woman’s fashion…I’m not sure. I think what I like best is being able to riff on all the various fashions I like in a contemporary way. I do like the reemergence of classic looking A-line dresses…but I feel more like me in a tank with a pair of shorts over tights with my tattoos bleeding through.

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