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Fashion help: how can I bring back leg warmers?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) January 15th, 2012

Well, it all started on a boring day. I was crocheting and I had no clue what I was making. I set that down because I had gotten really far on it. I set it down for 6 months.

Just the other day, I decided to connect the ends of this “mystery cloth”. And, I had made a leg warmer!!!

I’m finishing them up now, and I’m really excited to wear them to school. But, they’re out of style. Aren’t they? I think they’re cute but I don’t know what to wear them with, or when to wear them.

Any help? (They’re pink.)

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I wear leg warmers… They’re cute!
No one cares what’s in style. Forget American Eagle. Wear what you want. :)
I suggest knee high socks under them. :)

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Leg warmers wait for no status quo, trend or fad.

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I was shopping for my 7 yr old daughter at Kmart and noticed a few outfits that included leg warmers. I couldn’t believe it! I haven’t seen them since the 80s. They were paired with leggings/tights. I thought the outfits looked cute.

I know you are much older than 7, but I’m sure you can pull off the look. =)

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Be a trend setter!

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Who decides what’s in and what’s out? Someone always takes the first step. Why not you?

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I wear them all the time and people constantly compliment them. Not that I care but I always wonder to myself why you hardly ever see people wearing them. They are quite practical, since they allow you to wear tights in the winter and a skirt and not be freezing. They’re really cute so just wear them. If no one appreciates them they are clearly just lame.

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If it’s cold where you live, they will keep you warmer. Hold you head high and wear them with pride!

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You can’t bring leg wamers back – they already are back. Seriously at the fashion shows last year they were one of the trends for fall/winter 2011–2012. Here in London a lot of shops have them in one form or another and you see people wearing them pretty much every day. I say wear them and if anyone laughs just tell them how behind with the times they are.

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Well, the eighties were about thirty years ago, so I am rather surprised they haven’t come back on their own like bell-bottoms, civil disobedience, and small cars that get 40+ MPG have.

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wear them to gym or aerobics class, or dance. That will start the trend.

you could even sell them…..

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I would rather see leg warmers than those STUPID SAGGY pants, makes a person look like a cartoon character. If you want them to be in fashion again, get some ‘A’ lister to wear them or have them appear on Ellen.

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I say wear ‘em! But I’ll give you some tips I think you should know of.
Don’t separate your leg warmers from your shoes. Wear them over your shoes.
If you’re wearing a short tight skirt or dress, then wearing them thigh high can look really sexy.
You can slouch them over your ankles if you choose to wear them below your knee. That looks stylish. Ankle wedge boots look really great with those.

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Did they go out of style? No.. seriously, I’m in Europe and they are really back with a vengeance. We are having a really warm winter so it is finally possible to go out in a short dress or skirt with a cute pair of pumps and a pair of these…

Very stylish, imho.

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I thought I already brought them back! I love leg warmers!

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Are they a solid color or print? Are they comfortable? Do they stay up or slouch? Do you have a top you went to immediately to see if they would go together? Did you find your favorite shoes and a mirror and model them? Wear them, be proud, seductive, swagger, strut, stroll or skip, sashay…

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Who doesn’t want to wear legwarmers? They are perfectly acceptable. Believe me. I have a sister. She would be the girl way up there at the very top. She wears legwarmers all the time. They’re adorable. I..had a pair, but I lost them. No clue where they went. Probably in Wyoming..

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Haha. @LezboPirate, you crack me up, sistah!
But seriously. Wear them. They’re adorable.

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That’s not even funny. They probably are in Wyoming. True story. I miss them. I love legwarmers. I need to buy some more.

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