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What's the best way to get rid of a cold/flu?

Asked by xxtay122xx (12points) January 16th, 2012

I woke up today sick.
-Stuffy/runny nose
-Itchy sinuses (like in your throat and nose)
-Weak feeling in joints/legs
-“stuffy” head

I took a bunch of medicene, but are there any home remedies you know of, Fluther?

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I like Emergen-C, which has a lot of electrolytes and makes you feel better. There is nothing better for runny nose and stuffiness than echinnacea.

You need to get plenty of rest.

Eat some chicken soup, which has been shown to be helpful for colds.

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Lots of Vitamin C, some Echinacea and Goldenseal if you have it, LOTS of rest, some hot tea with whiskey, honey, and lemon in it, nettie pot, and if you really need to, take some OTC meds like Mucinex-D or Alka Seltzer Cold Plus. Those two are the best.

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They have a course to run before you’re through. Stay warm and hydrated, relax, take symptom-suppressors if you need them. See a doctor if your meals leave you quickly and dramatically for more than a few days. As I learned last time around, if you feel fatigued doing light work, you probably aren’t hydrated enough.

@WillWorkForChocolate Taking loads of vitamin C is harmless, but keep in mind that your body will flush out whatever you don’t use.

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I always use homeopathic remedies. The one you could try, as you have the itching in your throat and nose is Carbo veg, (it’s made from charcoal) in a 30c strength. The remedies don’t stop the symptoms, but they do speed recovery from an infection and provide a kind of ‘softening’, so that itches or pains tend to go away. They are also reasonably priced, if you can get hold of them. Many pharmacies stock a basic range, or they are available online. If you can’t get Carbo Veg, then Pulsatilla (also 30c) is a good all-rounder and will help with catarrh as well.

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Welcome to Fluther.

You’re going to need plenty of rest, that gives a chance for the body to direct its energy towards fighting the immune battle. Drink lots of fluids and eat light. Gargling can moisture a sore throat and bring temporary relief. Try with a pinch of salt in luke warm water. A steamy shower can also help, it’ll moisturize your nasal passages and will relax you.
Hope you feel better.

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I read a study not long ago that said that virtually all of the symptoms of a cold are caused by the body’s immune defenses. The virus does hardly any actual damage to tissue (human tissue, that is; it does plenty of damage to facial tissue). Ironically, the stronger one’s immune system, the stronger the symptoms are likely to be.

Since reading that, I’ve been sticking with antihistamines and ibuprofin. The antihistamines dampen down the immune response, and the ibuprofin takes the edge off the discomfort.

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When I get sick I drink a ton of orange juice and it seems to go away pretty fast

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If you get it within the first 8–12 hours of the first symptom, zinc lozenges like cold ease or Zycam really do work if you take them exactly as prescribed.

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The absolute best thing you can do is stay away from people and wash your hands frequently to prevent spreading it. Now that you are ill, there is nothing you can do to make it go away faster; you just need to let it run its course.

None of the other remedies mentioned will work to shorten the course of the illness, and you’ll just throw away your money.

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@Rarebear , the zink remidies have been PROVED to shorten the durration, otherwise they would not be able to put “cold remedy” on their packaging.

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@Judi Show me the proof, please.

From Dynamed: “Zinc preparations (oral or intranasal) have inconsitent evidence for efficacy and intranasal zinc may result in loss of smell; not recommended (ACCP Grade D)”

Oh, and and from Science Based Medicine

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@Rarebear , I will admit that the spray really did work better, and that is off the market. I haven’t had as much luck with the lozenges. I am relying on information that was in the news quite a while ago.

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Dude, I just had that last week on the first day of school. Suppress all symptoms with Thera Flu. That stuff is strong. Get the night for night and day for day. I’m on day 6 of my sickness and I’m down to a cough now.

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Do this, it works. I promise. I take it regularly and it is amazing!

2.5 cups of water.
1 super large fresh Ginger Root, peeled and cut in to slices and cubes.
25 garlic cloves.
5 cloves.
4 lemons, juiced and then quartered, place lemon chunks in the water.
2 to 4 tsp. of Cayenne Pepper.
Bring to a boil and then low covered simmer for about 20 minutes.
Add honey and drink.
Sometimes I add Cinnamon if I feel like it’s flu.

Garlic as you know contains a compound called ajoene is a natural antioxidant that has anti-clotting abilities and way to many benefits to list.
Ginger is the same as is cinnamon.
The Cayenne Pepper will help reduce fever.

This drink is perfect for chest colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, upset stomach, food poisoning, fatigue and blood sicknesses.

This drink if prepared wrong can be a little much on the palette however, if made correctly it tastes great with the addition of some local honey and cinnamon. I just had a glass myself.

When you finish you will find that you have garlic and ginger left over, chew on it and enjoy it. It is super good for you. Enjoy!

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Nyquil with a Scotch chaser.
The Scotch gets rid of that nasty Nyquil taste.

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@boffin I’d skip the Nyquil. Go straight for the scotch.

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1. Warm drinks-Drink warm drinks like honey and lemon, Mint Tea, Green Tea, drink hot milk before bed.
2.Fruit and Veg- Eat lots of fruit and veg, oranges are good, blackcurrants, apples and Bananas are good for Vitamin C, and if you need a energy to do daily tasks.
3.Drink lots of fluid, mostly water, avoid alchol and fizzy drinks.
4. Fresh air- I’ve found fresh air is always good, don’t stay locked up all warm and stuff, take a quick trip outsid and take some deep breaths, get some cool air into your lungs.
5. Keep warm, never be hot, don’t cover up in blankets and turn the heating sky high. Your body needs to be at the best tempartureI see 25 Degress.
6.Don’t take medicine, if you do Mr immune system will let it’s guard down, thus letting the medicine do the work, then you won’t be immune of that cold.
7. Sleep, get as much rest as possible, a healthy body is a rested body.
8. Steam,boil some water and pour it into a pan, or bowl, then rest your head over and place a towl over your head, the steam will help clear your airways.
9. Warm shower-Take nice warm showers, the steam ill also clear your airways, if your not willing enough to stand up take a bath.
10. Stay clean, make sure your squeaky clean, blow your nose whenever it feels a tiny bit bunged up.

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@Rarebear Scotch straight…Perfect!

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@boffin I prefer it with a little ice, but yes. Now we’re cooking.

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Consuming some ginger tea can help you treat cold or flu effectively. This is due to the fact that ginger can help boost the blood circulation and then support the combat with cold extremities. The gingerols compounds present in ginger helps warm your body up.

Green tea is also an amazing help for this problem. All you need to do is making green tea and then drinking it from 2 or 3 cups on a daily basis.

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