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Will my teeth shift if I remove my braces?

Asked by bluejay (1009points) January 16th, 2012

I’ve had my braces in for 3 years and haven’t had them adjusted in 2. So if they’ve been in the same spot for 2 years will they move if I remove my braces and don’t use a retainer?

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Why haven’t you been to an orthodontist in two years?

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No health insurance

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Wow. Sorry to hear that. I’m sure that you’d need a retainer afterwards. My nephew didn’t wear his regularly after they removed his braces and his teeth shifted.

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Do you have a retainer? If so, continue using it, period.

My husband’s top teeth haven’t shifted. However, his bottom teeth shifted so much that he has a permanent retainer.

You’ve already paid for alignment. Now, keep your teeth aligned as best you can.

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I know under normal circumstances they would shift, but isn’t having the braces keep them in the same spot for 2 years kind of like having a retainer?

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My sister had braces for 6yrs…she still needed a retainer. Time doesn’t predict if shifting will/won’t occur.

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Oh this isn’t good then because one of my brackets just straight out fell off the other day and I had to pull off some of the wiring so it would stop cutting me. Now like 4 or 5 teeth don’t have the wiring on them…

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Do you have a dental school near you? We have one in the city that does work at cost.

Otherwise find an Orthodontist that will work on a payment plan. It sounds like no matter what you need a visit to the ortho.

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All living things are in a constant state of change and adaptation. That is the nature of life. Only an innocent or and idiot would believe that some part of themselves, mouth included, was immune from the fact. Answer… of course they will.

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< is a dentist. Go plead your case at the nearest dental school. Or ortho office. You need to get them removed. For all sorts of reasons, and they can only be removed with dental instruments without damage to your teeth. Yes you will need a retainer or they will move back. Go, now, people are really cool, especially with something like this…

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@trailsillustrated Okay I’ll do that. Thanks. by the way I could remove them myself considering they just want to fall off! Key word though being could :)

Thanks all. I was about to pull my wire out completely but now I’ll just wait until I can get a retainer.

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