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He's no stick in the mud, nor a thorn in our side. Can we welcome thorninmud to the mansion?

Asked by SavoirFaire (26254points) January 16th, 2012

Congratulations on reaching 10K to a helpful, knowledgeable, and rational jelly!

The question is the same,
The answer is the same, too.
Sand in the rice,
Thorns in the mud.
—The Gateless Gate

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Wow! Congratulations!

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Happy 10k!!

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@thorninmud’s is the last party I attend today, you hear me? ;-)
I am getting drunk of joy…

Congratulations @thorn!

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Congrats Thorninmud! This party is really hopping!

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Congo Rats!

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So many parties! Congrats!

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To my favorite priest – Happy 10K!!!!!

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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Do you want some chocolate? Go to visit @thorninmud shop and lurve him with a generous tip. Cheers! Great work chef. Pack your knife roll you’re moving into the mansion.

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Congratulations, I hope you’re hungry. Now imagine all of us Jellies on an assembly line, a ala Lucy and Ethel, only we’re following your instructions for making Truffles and it’s just for YOU!

We’ve also made a special punch cocktail for you in the giant swimming pool-sized punch bowl and we’ve all been stirring it, all day long with slotted screwdrivers. In fact, that is the new name for the punch. It’s orange juice and vodka, plus a little bit of Jelly!!! So it’s called a “Slotted Screwdriver” in your honor.

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In all of your musical and spiritual incarnations and re-incarnations, you have always been one of my favorite Jellies. Always thoughtful, measured and gentle, you are a joy to know. I wish you had more time to spend here, mon ami, and could bake for me as well.

Mazel Tov on the 10K, Mr. T!

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Congratulations to one of my favorite posters.

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WHAT a BLAST!! Congrats on the 10K!!!!!! : )

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Congratulations! Thanks for being such a valuable and awesome contributor to the collective! :-)

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Congratulations and welcome to the mansion!

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I love how over in the community feed it says, “Fluther is in Danger! Along With the Rest of the Internet. thorninmud and 1 other are in the 10K club!” Really makes me feel special.

Seriously, I’m crazy mad in love with you people. I’m just out of a retreat and falling asleep as I type this, so please forgive me for poking my head into the party and leaving. I’ll be a better party boy tomorrow, I promise.

Thank you all so much!

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Congra10Kulations!! Party on tomorrow! ;D

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For me, you are an integral part of the fabric that is the collective. I am so glad your voice is still a part of us.

Congratulations on another fine achievement.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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So thrilled to have your perspective added to Fluther. Congratulations on this milestone achievement @thorinmud !

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@thorninmud A most hearty welcome to the mansion’s nud flats. Your pithy, thorny insight is just the sort of discussion that makes Fluther such a wondering social Q&A site. Rubbish to all those that accuse you of being a real prick. Oh wait, thorn, prick. Well, you know what I mean. A toast to your new move to the mansion. Here’s mud in your eye. :-)

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What the heck? That looks like 3 in one day! Congrats! It feels like a weekend!

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10K Congratulations! Cheers \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ !!!!
Welcome to the Mansion!

Wow! 3 partays on a Monday! And I see another potential one coming up…maybe tomorrow???;-}

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Congratulations and best wishes to you. You deserve the best!

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Well met @thorninmud. You’re fantastic jelly, the sort that raises the bar for all of us and helps make this a better place. We’re all lucky to have your around.

Truly this is an event worthy of cheeselogs and tiny sausages. Make it happen Jeeves.

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You recently wrote “there’s a lovely freedom that comes with the commitment”... Not sure why, but that really moved me. You have a beautiful turn of phrase, I always enjoy reading your answers.

Congratulations on the 10K @thorninmud :-)

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Congratulations to one of the very best people I know. Your room in the mansion is very zen, as I know you like it. Enjoy!

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Congrats on the 10k! Well deserved. May all your screws be Pozidriv!

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Ah, @thorninmud , you are a Jelly that I respect beyond all. Your extremely well-thought out and cogent posts are always impressive, and I am always delighted to see you join a thread. Congrats! Sit next to me, I’ll get you cuppa whatever you want and some cookies, and we can chat.

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We are thorns passing in the mudslide, but I always appreciate your very thoughtful, articulate, well-reasoned posts. Congratulations!

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Conscratchumactation @thorninmud !!

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Congrats Thorninmud. Anyone with as much respect for all life, humans to insects, and as much wisdom as you is a most welcomed addition. Bummed I’m a little late, but that’s life. Enter the mansion and claim a house centipede for a pet.

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Dude! Congrats!

No thorn in mud that I see
but a rose on the waves in the fluther sea.

Your energy speaks for itself, a wise and decent jelly you be. :-)

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Felicitations to you Thorn In Mud! :D

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I’ll now avail myself of this rare opportunity to call out jellies by name and dish my true feelings about them:

@syz Hanging with tigers must build character, because you have such an interesting one.
@ANef_is_Enuf You bring a tender vulnerability to the tidepool that’s beautifully human.
@rebbel I bet it’s an absolute trip to be around you. What an original!
@chyna I think of you as part of the social “glue” of Fluther, and that’s an important job.
@filmfann What’s not to like about you? What a sweet guy.
@Simone_De_Beauvoir I love how utterly fearless you are in challenging assumptions.
@Jude Shoosh! You’ll make all the other priests jealous! Beautiful lady.
@SpatzieLover In my work I’ve met and admired many moms fully dedicated to the raising of their special needs kids. It brings some heroic qualities to the surface, and I see those in you.
@digitalimpression You’ve certainly brought a spark of energy to the collective. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.
@everephebe I do feel a special connection to all denizens of Kitchendom, the refuge of colorful misfits. You know what I mean.
@Kardamom Why do my salivary glands fire every time your avatar appears? I must look into this…“slotted screwdriver”—brilliant
@janbb You feel as comfortable to me as my favorite fleece-lined jeans. Mes meilleurs voeux pour un avenir truffé de bonnes choses.
@bkcunningham My respect for you has grown with each passing month. There’s a real dignity in you that I admire greatly.
@mazingerz88 Exuberant and slightly off-kilter (in the best possible way, of course).
@mangeons I have to constantly update my vision of you, so frequently I see new qualities emerging.
@WillWorkForChocolate You remind me of the sparklers I used to get for the 4th of July: beautiful and bright, pleasantly prickly for the most part, but capable of inflicting severe burns if mishandled.
@DrBill What can I say, the cat completely eclipses any other impressions I may have of you.
@tinyfaery Like an enticing park with a barbed-wire fence all around, and a big dog at the entrance. There are cats playing in the park, so it must be nice in there.
@linguaphile Your posts are a treat and that avatar is an absolute marvel of creativity!
@marinelife It feels like I’ve known you forever. But it’s an odd and intriguing mix of familiarity and mystery, like a seashell that I’ve had in my pocket for years, but whose inside I can barely glimpse.
@YARNLADY Evenhanded generosity and down-to-earthness. Nice combination.
@geeky_mama You seem like good company, and I don’t say that lightly.
@ETpro What an impressive guy. Lots going on up there.
@Judi Yeah, well Judi’s Judi, right? I feel the same way about her as does pretty much everybody else around here. May we all be so loved.
@AmWiser Ah, another strategic member of Fluther’s Office of Social Development.
@Sunny2 The name and avatar say it all.
@fundevogel It’s the very great difficulty I have pinning you down that tells me it’s worth the effort.
@harple Every harpist I’ve ever known (and that’s quite a large sample) has been an absolute delight, and you’re no exception. Lovely people seem to be drawn to the instrument.
@augustlan I’m not even going to attempt this. If you don’t already know how I feel about you, then I give up.
@Ayesha You constantly remind me what it’s like to be young and full of promise.
@LuckyGuy You wear your tech cred like Patton wore his stars. Unassailable.
@JilltheTooth I would so thoroughly enjoy that cuppa with you.
@picante Visions of Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, and white-tail deer appear when I read your posts.
@erichw1504 Are you constitutionally capable of being in a bad mood? Thanks for the giggles.
@Adirondackwannabe I fell forever in love with you when you ushered that centipede out.
@Coloma The screen of my monitor is simply too small to contain you, my friend. You just bubble out all over my desk.
@wilma There’s a sweet country mellowness to you that’s very refreshing.
@9doomedtodie Can’t say I know you well, but I can certainly relate to your username.

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Well heck….I’m blushing.

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And that’s why we love @thorninmud ! So glad you are here!!

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Oh, and @SavoirFaire ! My towering respect for his astuteness received its capstone when he actually dug up the impossibly obscure reference that my username is based on. Dang!

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Are you aware you just became the recipient of the “Collossal squid” award. Something mildly obscene about that descriptor. LOL

thorninmud's avatar

@Coloma Yeah, I think that’s the last one of those I’ll get. Too damn much work.

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@thorninmud “I fought the squid and the squid won?”

thorninmud's avatar

@janbb I have the sucker scars to prove it.

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don’t we all?

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It seems as if I am late :/
So sorry @thorninmud , Congratulations!!
So, are you a wine kinda guy, or do ya prefer a good old beer?

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@MilkyWay One nice thing about @thorninmud is that he never whines! :-)

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“Like an enticing park with a barbed-wire fence all around, and a big dog at the entrance. There are cats playing in the park, so it must be nice in there

You nailed it there. That’s her. She’s my girl.

And, thank-you for being so sweet.

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Congratulations to a highly intelligent jelly. Your posts are always thought provoking, and you’re one of those jellies who keeps teaching me stuff. It’s great, and keep it up. Cheers, friend. :)

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@MilkyWay Thanks, luv
@flutherother Thanks! (@MilkyWay ‘s tending the bar, if you’re thirsty. The bitter’s not half bad.)
@Symbeline You, my friend, seem kind of like an oracle with one foot in this world and the other in some very uncanny dimension. I’m totally counting on you to let me know when the apocalypse is coming.

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@thorninmud I can recommend one of these.

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Oooh….stout ale.
It should pair well with my happy brownies to fully fortify the intellect. lol

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Well done kind Sir…... congratulations coming your way. Yeeeeeeeeeehhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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@thorninmud The answer is: no.

thorninmud's avatar

@ZEPHYRA Thanks for that spirited cheer (or did your cat walk across your keyboard?).

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When skimming through a thread’s responses, I spy @thorninmud and the name releases a neuro-signal “slow down, read carefully… this is going to be worth your full attention.”

Now that I’ve seen the source of the name, I like it even more! Congratulations, lovely jelly.

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@Blueroses Back when I was fresh out of the nest and looking for my life’s course, I wanted more than anything to settle around where you’re living now. I tried for about a month to find a job, but this was way back during one of the prequels to the current hard times, and nothing turned up. My money ran out and I very reluctantly conceded defeat and retreated south. All these years later, I still feel a little like a jilted lover, and I sometimes wonder what would have happened if she had said “yes”.

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@thorninmud You might find yourself in the same love/despise relationship I have with my Western State. I have tried to leave her several times, but always she lures me back with her beauty and promises. Guess I’m here for better or for worse. :)

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Congratulations @thorninmud. I always enjoy your posts. You are such an intelligent, interesting jelly. Thank you for your contributions.

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Congratulations thorninmud. Whenever I see that you have answered a question I cannot help but skip ahead of everyone else’s replies to see what you said. I just know it will be intelligent and insightful. I hope you will be on Fluther for a long time into the future!!!

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@Bellatrix Thanks! I think of you as ballast in the hold of the fluthership, one of those whose steady clear-headedness lends stability in stormy seas. Good to have you on the mod staff.

@Earthgirl There’s a hint of an enchanted quality to you, in my mind. A sweetness.

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Somehow I missed seeing this until now. Congratulations, @thorninmud. I am an admirer of your wisdom and erudition and your deep insight. I always learn from you.

thorninmud's avatar

Thanks, ms. J, the admiration is mutual. I hope Cate pays you a pretty sum to be associated with your perspicacity. Best PR move she ever made.

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Hey, I’m late congrats!

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Thanks, @Ltryptophan! You were probably too busy coming up with more incredibly imaginative questions. Guys like you amaze me…my whole time here I’ve thought of, what, 10 things to ask the collective; but you constantly find things to wonder about that make me wonder what it must be like inside your head.

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