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Will iTunes back up ALL of my purchases if I remove them from my library?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) January 16th, 2012

My MaBook Air has very little disc space and I’ve been trying to delete files that I don’t need. I think the main culprit is my 4 TV Seasons and 6 movies. I would like to delete the files, but I’m worried iTunes will make me re-purchase them if I ever want them back on my library. I currently do not own a memory stick, external hard drive, and nothing from my iTunes is currently backed up. Please, no opinions here; I just want to know for sure if iTunes will back up my purchases.

I really need to start backing up and deleting files, sometimes in the middle of a lecture I won’t be able to save my notes due to no free space left. This is starting to affect my schooling. Why do MacBooks have such little memory!

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The iTunes store remembers all of your past purchases, so you should be okay.

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Don’t worry you can download all your previous purchases from iTunes to any iDevice whenever you want

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Things were different before iCloud, but you should double-check that you know how to re-download your purchases before you remove anything.

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Is burning them to a disc an option for you?

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@Theremin Under “Purchases” in iTunes it allows me to re-download any previous purchases that I have deleted off of my library. The problem is, I do not see an option to redeem movies. Only music, TV shows, iBooks, and apps.

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