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Do you find that participating in Fluther triggers over-stimulation signals?

Asked by DaphneT (5745points) January 16th, 2012

I will sit at the keyboard and type a sentence, or a portion thereof and redo a word or two and then finish it. I’ve noticed that I sit tighter, drum my fingers on the keyboard, pick at the edges of my fingernails to make them click, etc. I remember doing this when I learned to program, decades ago. Anytime thinking is required I do this. I describe them as over-stimulation signals, does this seem right? Does anyone else have odd habits in response to intellect stimulation?

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Fluther is my response to intellectual overstimulation. I come here to relax, especially when I’m in the middle of writing papers I don’t actually want to write or some other dreadful assignment. I can tell I need a break from work when my neck begins to hurt. I’m not quite sure what does it, but I must hold my head in a certain way when I start to get annoyed with whatever I’m working on.

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Fluther has actually forced me to mellow, and it is why I enjoy the site.

It has forced me to realize that people have opinions that I think are batshit crazy, but I know why they think that way now, and realize they think the way they do for absolutely logical reasons.

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I get like that (sort of). Switching from browser tab to browser tab just waiting for some activity for me to respond to. But then again, I’m very, very bored so… it wouldn’t take much to over-stimulate me anyhow.

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Fluther helps me relax, most of the time. If anything, I think it helps me to intellectually unwind. That’s why I enjoy it, so much.

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Fluthering helps me de-stress. It helps me let go.

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My answer would be identical to @Imadethisupwithnoforethought‘s

Fluther’s my sanity zone.

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Good call, @Imadethisupwithnoforethought.

If you can’t imagine how anyone could hold the view you are attacking, you just don’t understand it yet.”
—Anthony Weston, A Rulebook for Arguments

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Isn’t this the whole point of intellectual stimulation? I find it invigorating.

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Hardly. I’ve gained 20 lbs. in the almost 2 years I have been fluthering, it’s a sign of too much contact with my wide bottomed faux alligator skin chair, that has lent space to my expanding ass in the vast and relaxing fluther ocean.
Good thing the environment is one of

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I do notice I bite my nails just a little bit more when I am excited about a discussion. It’s the heightened emotion as a result of the intellectual stimulation that gets me into that mode.

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I am with @SavoirFaire, this is my relaxation. I come to Fluther to take a break (often too many breaks :D) when I am writing or doing other work. I spend a little time here, then go back and do more work. Sometimes Fluther is too much of a distraction and I actually have to block it so I don’t take too many breaks. This is only a problem when I am working from home though.

I wish I had my camera now, there is an Australian Noisy Myna bird hanging onto my window… wonder what he/she is after there! There was one there yesterday too. I will have to investigate.

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@Bellatrix nice pic, thanks.

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